High School Choir Gives Amazing Performance Of William Tell Overture With No Instruments At All

Coming across videos that have long been online but never made it onto our radar is always fun. It’s a 2010 performance from the show and chamber choirs at Timpanogos High School in Orem, Utah this time.

Although some choral performances have been known to bring people to tears through their haunting vocals, this is far more comedic. So if you see “choir” and think it’s not for you, you have to think one more time.
And trust us, there’s galloping!

Even though you might not recognize the William Tell Overture by its name, you’re sure to know it when you hear it. It was originally penned by Gioacchino Rossini for his opera William Tell in 1829, but it’s also the Lone Ranger theme song.

Source: YouTube

We’re sure that when you’ve heard it, you probably got heraldic trumpets or maybe a horse’s gallop, but these teens who performed it at their high school concert managed to do the number a capella! Quite impressive since there are no lyrics to this piece!

Despite the original requiring a piccolo, a flute, two oboes, two clarinets, two bassoons, four French horns, two trumpets, three trombones, and a tuba, timpani, triangle, bass drum, and cymbals all IN ADDITION to strings, these teens get it done with only their voices.

And even though there’s a horses’s whinny at the very beginning as a nod to its most famous usage, that’s also done by a high school student (and it really sounds authentic!).

The whole performance is hysterical and requires some serious talent (and straight faces above it all!).

Source: YouTube

On the other hand, the audience, is free to laugh along – and they do! After the initial whinny, the male singers mimic being on horseback.

Everyone is suddenly galloping while they sing as they pretend to spot something off in the distance.

The choir feigns exhaustion and takes a breather before getting back in the saddle to finish off the number after a few minutes.

Their performance has everything – amazing voices, an amusing premise, entertaining choreography, and comedy!

The high schoolers wrap up their act and end in a head bow with a final hip shimmy that shoots across the rows of singers like the wave.

Source: YouTube

And of course, the big reaction from the crowd as friends and parents results with an applaud, whooping and hollering for the creative performance.

The whole thing was recorded by a family member of one of the singers who immediately put in on YouTube where it’s received over 1.5 million views. But since 2010 it’s been shared on dozens more pages. Now other high schools are trying it out too.

And commenters went on and on about the show.

“Very creative! I love when choirs do humorous things! Its so unexpected!,” said one YouTuber.
Another one pointed out that over the last 9 years these teens have all grown up quite a lot. We wonder how often they look back at this moment and think about it:

“That was FABULOUS! Gosh every one of those kids is out of high school, out of college if they went, some married, careers. I wonder what they’re all doing now.”

Source: YouTube

Although it’s a “vintage” performance, if you haven’t seen it yet, now’s your chance. Scroll down to see the entire hilarious video.