Ginger water: The key to make you healthier

Ginger has always been one of the most popular spices. It’s one of the healthiest foods which are offered by nature and it has many benefits for our body.

In recent times, it has become usual to drink ginger as tea or as a shot. Ginger water gives the body energy and it speeds up the metabolism.

In this article you’ll find a recipe for ginger water so you can start your days perfectly. Feel free to share this article and show it to your family and friends on Facebook, and you will be thanked.

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Ginger boost

For many years, people have used ginger for medical purposes, and it’s clear to see why. The spice has a variety of benefits, like:

Making the immune system stronger

Ginger is full of many antioxidants and is also anti-inflammatory. So, it’s undoubtedly a good idea if you want to make your immune system stronger and remain healthy. However, you shouldn’t consider it as a remedy, it’s pretty much a prevention. If you already have a cold, it won’t help you that much. You should take it consistently to help fight disease.

Calming your stomach

Ginger is also used if you want to help digestion, mostly because it increases the production of enzymes for digestuon. It can be used if you want to calm your stomach, prevent constipation and reduce gas formation.

Easing muscle and joint pain

According to research done by the University of Georgia, taking ginger daily can relieve muscle and joint pain by 25 percent. Eating or drinking it in the morning on an empty stomach is recommended.

Combating menstrual pain

Ginger’s not only a pain reliever for muscles and joints; it can also be used to relieve menstrual pain. In a study, 150 women were given ginger during menstration – and according to the results the spice had as much effect as the painkiller ibuprofen.

Ginger and fat burning

It’s also known that ginger may increase fat burning. Theoretically, it’s true that you can lose a few pounds and burn fat around your back, thighs and waist if you consume ginger.

But, you need to remember that your energy intake must be less than your energy consumption if you want to lose weight. It does contribute to weight loss, but ginger itself is definitely not enough to induce it.

“We always burn a mixture of carbohydrates and fat. Fat burning is difficult to influence, and the best tip is to build muscles. Food such as ginger and chilli can help increase the body’s heat production marginally,” dietician Karin Magnusson told Top Health.

Taking ginger in the morning

Taking ginger in the morning or eatin breakfast that included it, burned 43 extra calories every day, according to studies at Columbia University.

A fast recipe to make ginger tea is as simple as boiling a cup of water, taking it off the heat when it’s ready, adding a small piece of fresh ginger and leaving it to stand by covering it for five minutes. When the five minutes are over, add the juice of a lemon.

Ginger water

If you want to make your own ginger water, it’s actually a very simple process.

What you need is

•1.5 litres of water.
•Ginger chopped into fine slices.
•Lemon juice.


Bring the water to the boil and add the ginger slices. Leave to simmer for 15 minutes and remove the saucepan from the heat. Mix and stir the mixture and add the lemon juice from a lemon.

Drinking ginger water twice a day can make your body healthy. If you take a shot of it before breakfast, on an empty stomach, and once again in the evening before dinner, it can definitely benefit you.

We certainly hope that more people can learn about the benefits of ginger and live healthier lives therefore.