Gentle adorable husky plays with cute twins

Ever since the twins were born, it is double the love and double the fun for Juno the husky.

Hailey and Kaylee, the cute twins, absolutely adore their husky dog Juno. Despite the fact that they might be very little still but these two are already dog lovers. Well, maybe just a love for Juno so far.
Juno loves them right back, luckily for them. This trio is going to grow up as best friends, as their bond is already undeniably strong.

Everybody knows that Huskies are considered to be a great family dog with children and these three prove that. The website All About Siberian Huskies explains,

“Siberian Huskies are actually wonderful family dogs, and their affable natures tend to make them good dogs to pair with small children. They also have a wonderfully level temperament, so you will not have to worry about them suddenly becoming aggressive towards your children.”

This breed of dogs are a pack animal. That’s why it is important to introduce babies at a very early age to the family husky. This has to be done because it helps the husky see the new babies as part of its pack. And you are in the pack, the husky will always look out for you.

Source: YouTube

Just ask the pack of Hailey Kaylee, and Juno.

Since huskies are known to use their mouth a lot and can unintentionally hurt a child, it is very important to note that young children should still be supervised with the family husky. This family carefully watches the adorable interaction between their husky and baby girls.

And when it is their playtime, that means it is time for playing with Juno.

The video starts with Juno is laying between the girls and just soaking in all their attention.

Spotting the difference in personality with their interactions with Juno is very important. The baby in the white shirt is very gentle. She slowly pets Juno and quietly giggles when the dog gets close to her face. On the other hand, the baby girl in the green shirt is more active and loud. The baby is swinging her arms and trying to speak loudly to get the cute dog’s attention.

And Juno is no stranger to the twins and it seems as if he already knows both of their personalities. The canine softly plays with the gentle baby and plays more actively with the active twin. She can be heard laughing hysterically when Juno puts his paw on her shoulder.

Source: YouTube

It seems like Juno knows all the tricks to get these girls laughing and having fun.

He is one busy dog trying to entertain both girls at the same time.
This cute dog keeps switching to each of the baby girls to play. Juno decides that laying on the floor is not going to work after all, so he sits up and plans a new playing strategy. That way, Juno will be able to keep his eyes on both girls at the same time.

When he does that, one baby starts having a full conversation with Juno through her cute gibberish. She does that because she wants all Juno’s attention! Juno stares at her like he knows every word she is saying. The bond between babies and dogs is always adorable to watch

It seems like they are in a world of their own, that only the trio understands.

Source: YouTube

This adorable video immediately went viral and has been seen by over a million viewers. Some viewers had some thoughts of their own about Juno, Hailey and Kaylee. Such as,

“Those kids are gonna have a guardian for life.”
“I can’t tell who is enjoying the play more the husky or the twins lol.”