Football Player Hunts Down His Opponent After Finding Out Sad News About His Mother

Even when two people compete with each other on the field, it doesn’t mean they can’t support each other the rest of the time.

Football players are usually known for being tough, athletic and empathetic. One of those adjectives isn’t what most people associate with the stereotype of a football player.

However, these two football players showed that the stereotype really isn’t true.

Ty Jordan and Gage Smith look like your typical high school footballers. And although they competed against one another, they also joined together in support after their game.

One of them, Ty competes on the West Mesquite High School Football team. And, this sport has become an important place for him to vent his emotions in the recent months.

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That’s because Ty’s mother has been battling two types of cancer. She discovered that she had advanced lung cancer and bone cancer within one month.

And just like any cancer diagnosis, it sent shockwaves through the mother’s family. Everyone suddenly needed to give their all to Ty’s mom so that she could fight her disease.

Ty told his team shortly after finding out about his mom’s cancer diagnosis.

His team has been with him every step of the way. They have done whatever they can for Ty to have the time and support he and his mom need, like any good teammates.

However, what Ty wasn’t expecting was the support of his rivals.

Previously, Ty had posted about his mom’s journey on social media. That’s why when a rival team from Sherman High School came to play, the quarterback of this team discovered what Ty was going through. Gage Smith, the quarterback, had known Ty in elementary school. And even though Smith would play with all his strength on the field, he also wanted to make Ty know that he was there for him off of it.

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Both the guys’ teams played against each other.

It was a good match, but what happened afterward was the highlight of it.

When the match was done, Gage came up to Ty and shook his hand. Then he offered to pray on the field with him. He wanted to send a prayer with Ty for his mother. This gesture meant a lot to him, even though Ty didn’t want to admit it.

The two boys knelt down on the ground and prayed for Ty’s mother.

This was such a heartwarming moment, and everyone present could see that Ty was appreciative of the gesture.

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Takka, Ty’s aunt who was there at that moment, took a few photos of the two rivals praying together. She posted the photos to Twitter with a description of what was happening. The post affected a lot of people on the site.

JD Martinez, Gage’s coach, later praised his quarterback for reaching out to someone on the other team and offering support.

That coach has always taught that while football is a competitive sport, the people on the other team deserve respect.

Ty knows that he has the entire community there to help out his family through their struggle, no matter what happens in the future.

The act was as much a symbol of support as a religious act, that’s why even non-religious people can appreciate Gage and Ty’s joint prayer. And everyone, no matter their beliefs, needs that kind of gesture at some point in their lives.

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You have to understand why sports are an important part of people’s lives when you see moments like this.

Despite football being a form of therapy for Ty, he has also found support from unlikely places thanks to the wonderful sport.