Five Men And A Bassist Performed “Stand By Me” In A Church And Amazed The Entire Crowd

I’m sure we all know Stand By Me, but you’ve probably never heard it quite like this.

We’re aware that Stand By Me is one of the most timeless pieces of music ever created. Today, it sounds exactly as wonderful as it did 60 years ago

This amazing song will never get old. And, all it takes is a slightly different rendition to make it sound fresh just like this group shows.

The band Cover Story DooWop all gathered together in Saint Luke’s Lutheran Church in Manhattan. All of them were more than determined to give a performance that everyone would remember.

Source: YouTube

The double bassist began by playing the famous opening chords of the song.

The singer on the far right of the group then started singing the opening notes of the song.

Then, all of the other members started adding acapella notes. It all combined perfectly. We’re pretty sure that every single person in the church must have been dancing to this!

The group had already won over the audience by the time the singer on the far right started singing “When the night has come”.

And then when the group got to the chorus, they all got louder. The song got really powerful. The core message of staying together and supporting one another resonated throughout the room.

Source: YouTube

What the entire group did next is they started singing “Stand by me.” They kept showing everyone what they could achieve when they abided by the song’s message!

All of the men started rocking back and forth to the music, ever more enthusiastically as they kept on singing.

In the end, a loud applause came from the crowd when the group finished. However, more praise was coming soon enough.

Luckily for us, someone was filming the entire thing, and they uploaded the performance onto YouTube. The video became very popular on the site. It has, to date, gained over 770,000 views. It also has more than 12,000 likes and 350 comments. People have been commenting things such as:

Source: YouTube

This video is Cover Sory DooWop’s most successful one on YouTube. However, they have many other videos that show off just how consistently incredible they are.

You can see Cover Story DooWop for free most days of the week if you ever happen to be in New York.

The group performs together at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. Their performances take place in the daytime on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.
They have produced an album of music

New Beginnings, their album, compiles some of their best covers. And yes, Stand By Me is on the album! Also included are hits such as Why Do Fools Fall In Love and Wonderful World.

The members of Cover Story DooWop make covering well-known hits look easy. But in actuality, it’s an indescribably hard thing to do.

Source: YouTube

To be fair, covering a classic in their way is a balancing act between respecting the original composition and giving it a fresh feel. However, anyone who hears their songs has to admit that Cover Story DooWop has pulled off this impressive feat! We hope that they’ll be able to keep performing for years to come.