Fireman Shocks People With Little Action Towards Little Blind Girl

Disabled children often tend to miss out on things that other kids usually take for granted. This fireman shows us that that doesn’t have to always happen.

Jakhyriana is a young schoolchild who has been hard of seeing since birth.

She is a joyful person, but because of her condition, not always is she able to participate in her class’s activities.

One day, Jakhyriana’s school had a fire safety drill.

Most of the kids went into the hall so they could watch Captain Chip Leathlean teach the kids.

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To a lot of other adults, this sounds boring. But to kids, this is a fun and exciting activity! Sadly, Jakhyriana couldn’t be a part of that presentation.

Instead of doing that, she had to sit in class on her own.

But what she didn’t know was that she was going to get her own personal safety demonstration.

After Captain Leathlean was finished in the hall, he walked inside of Jakhyriana’s classroom. He asked Jakhyriana if she wanted to have her own fire safety presentation.

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The little girl smiled. She happily went into the school playground with a teacher and the fireman while the other children returned to class.

In the playground, Captain Leathlean showed Jahkyriana a variety of fire safety equipment by allowing her to touch the items.

Between the time period of 10 minutes, the girl felt fire extinguishers, a hose, a fire helmet and much more. While touching these, Captain Leathlean discussed why they were important for fire safety.

Jakhyriana got happy. Often times, when the kids have a visual presentation, Jakhyriana misses out on it entirely.

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But this time around, she was able to learn the essentials just like all of the other children were able to.

Actually, when the child’s mother, Shanta Oglesby, picked Jakhyriana up at the end of the school day, the special demonstration was the first thing that the little girl told her mom about. Usually, the mother has to ask the child how her day was and then prompt her to give details. But this time, Jakhyriana started talking about it as soon as she could.

The little girl continued talking about what had happened during the whole night. Obviously, she was a happy kid!

Jakhyriana’s school, Suwannee Primary School, asked the mom if they could post some pictures they had caught on camera of the special demonstration. The mom was more than happy after they did this.

No one was anticipating it, but the school’s post turned into a viral hit. In no time at all, it had gathered more than 4,5000 likes, 500 comments and 1,600 shares.

People have been saying this about what happened:

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When Jakhyriana’s mom saw the reaction that her little daughter’s special lesson had impacted online, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

A lot of people have, quite rightly, congratulated Captain Leathlean for his inclusivity. Yet Captain Leathlean is fully modest about what he has done. “It was nothing about me. It was all about the little girl,” he said.

More people should try Captain Leathlean’s approach.

He saw that a kid was not being included and did what he thought was right to make her feel so. If everyone tried to do that, then more children would surely grow up to be happy and pleased.

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Jakhyriana will probably remember this event for the rest of her life

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