Father Comically Steals Spotlight In Daughter’s Dance- Off Challenge Video

People all around the world are thinking of smart ideas in order to keep themselves entertained (and sane) during this time of self- isolation. For one dad and daughter from Denver, Colorado – that meant having a lot of fun with a good old-fashioned dance-off!

Chris Starkey was working from home on the computer when his daughter Brooklyn came up with the idea to battle it out on the dance floor. According to the dad, she didn’t really think that he still “had it” anymore. That was everything that Chris needed in order to throw on his athletic gear one Monday and head inside of the family room.

It’s a hilarious dance-off which has quickly gone viral.

Just because of the fact that you’re a parent, doesn’t mean you can’t still be cool and bust a move or two. Chris, who has a nice sense of humor, gladly took on Brooklyn’s challenge to teach her this lesson. At the start of the video, he says:

“I don’t think she realizes how much a 38-year-old can still throw it down.”

But instead of allowing Chris to enjoy a moment of pretending to still be in his thirties, his daughters respond with the higher ages of 57 and 72. Oooh, now that’s how you get a battle started! (He’s in fact 51 by the way.)

Source: YouTube

Alright, “let’s do this.”

Both Chris and Brooklyn are wearing hoodies and have a little distance in between the two of them. After hilariously reminding crowd members to stay six feet apart and to “sanitize!” – it’s at last time to see their skills. The song they chose for the challenge is Flo Rida’s “Low.”
Chris was definitely right when he said that he’s ‘still got it.’

The father and daughter amazing duo jump into a high-energy choreographed dance which makes you feel tired just by looking at them. Turns out, they’re both wonderful dancers! But it’s pretty difficult not to keep your eye on Chris. Perhaps he’s been keeping up with the trends because he’s on fire!

Chris’s modern dance moves have the internet smiling from one ear to another, and his facial expressions are like the cherry on top of the cake.

Not a lot of people have the ability to say that their dad has moves like these.

On Facebook, Chris wrote:

“My daughter challenged me to a dance off and said I don’t have it anymore. See that closet in the back she is still crying in it!!!”

Source: YouTube

Chris is actually so confident in himself that at one point during the video, he pushes Brooklyn over so he can have the spotlight all to himself.

The video of their dance-off until now been viewed for more than 12 million times on Facebook alone and it’s making national headlines too.

While turning down a dance challenge would be something no one would gladly do, Chris and Brooklyn made the video as a way to have a lot of fun and make the people watching it happy.

Chris said for Fox 31 News that they wanted to “Make America smile again.” But they’ve also helped spread smiles in other ways too.

The father from Colorado decided to use the attention raised from the video “to give back,” according to GMA. He’s been working with other people in order to collect iPads for the senior citizens in ICU who don’t have ways to communicate with their loved ones. Chris also takes part in donating care packages to those in need during this hard time for everybody.

Source: YouTube

As we are all aware, every dance battle needs a winner. A lot of folks on the internet seem to think that Chris is the champion of the father vs daughter dance-off. All in all, the video has gathered a lot of positive comments like the ones down below!

Please watch the video down below, especially if you’re in need of a good mood boost, and to determine who your favorite dancer is!