Father Asks Potty Training Son If He Pooped Or Not But He Gets Hilarious Response Shared Thousands Of Times

Potty training can test the patience of even the most patient parent. It’s very often one of the more difficult tasks of early parenthood, besides from the part of wrestling wired kids into bed for a nap or nighty-night.

Some children are able to figure out how to successfully move from big kid diapers to character undies right off the bat. Others need lots of reminders and help.

This rite of passage isn’t for the people who aren’t that patient.

There are many parents who use stickers, charts and incentives to reward their child’s potty training efforts. Dad Greg DeVito has heart-to-heart conversations with his son Matt while the two-year-old spends time on the toilet potty training.

A video of their latest conversation in the bathroom has gone viral and people can’t stop laughing with little Matt’s potty-training antics.

Source: Facebook/Dani DeVito

Dani DeVito was taking a video of Matt and Greg chilling in the commode when out of nowhere, Matt breaks out into this crazy guy routine with a hilarious voice. She thought it would be super funnt to share it with friends and family on her Facebook page, but ever since, it has exploded all over the internet much to her surprise.

“I don’t even know how this started. I took the video Tuesday or Wednesday night and uploaded it on Thursday before I went to bed. After I did it, I thought, ‘Oh man, this video is kind of funny. I probably should have waited until the morning.’ Then, on Friday, it just blew up, and my phone has not stopped sending me notifications since then.”

The video taken on the 24th of October shows Matt sitting on the potty-training toilet ring with his shirt pulled up, striped socks covering his feet. Greg is sitting on the ground in front of him. They’re having a chat about what’s unfolding in the bathroom when Matt hilariously declares in this dark, spooky voice…

“I didn’t poop. I peed.”

Greg is shocked by the change in his son’s voice and the new personality he’s taken on out of nowhere.

“Wait, you didn’t poop?”

“No, I peed.”

“I thought you pooped, too.”

Source: Facebook/Dani DeVito

And then the crazy-sounding voice comes back..

“I didn’t poop, I peed.”

Greg cannot contain his laughter and starts cracking up. He’s laughing so hard he begins to cry. Immediately, Matt is alarmed.

“You sad daddy?”

“No I’m not. I’m trying so hard not to laugh I’m crying. It’s funny. You’re a funny guy.”

In order to make sure he understood Matt’s predicament in the correct way, Greg asked one more time…

“Did you poop?”

And Matt uses that Darth Vader-sounding voice once more, making his dad laugh all over again.

“No I didn’t poop I peed.”

While laughing about it together, Greg and Matt high five. Dani told the West Virginia News that neither she or Greg know why Matt started doing the voice, but they’re glad they caught the moment on camera and were able to share it with others.

Source: Facebook/Dani DeVito

“It was a one-time thing and he was probably saying it for about two minutes before I even got my phone out. We don’t know where the voice came from. We have no idea. He’s just a goofy kid. He says it all the time now because he’s randomly seen the video with us, but it’s not a normal occurrence by any stretch of the imagination.”

Even more shocking to the family is the fact that celebrities such as Kristen Bell and Alyssa Milano have shared their bathroom video on social media.

“It’s absolutely unreal. I feel like I’m living somebody else’s life. Every time I think that it’s starting to slow down, something else happens. I think Kristen Bell shared it overnight, and then I was getting screenshots of Alyssa Milano sharing it. Someone saw it on the Weight Watchers app news feed. It’s just unreal.”

Luckily, two-year-old Matt doesn’t have any idea that he’s a social media star. He’s just focused on finishing his potty training and entertaining his parents like the hilarious guy he really is.

Source: Facebook/Dani DeVito

“(Matt) has no clue. I tried to tell him that Anna from ‘Frozen’ thinks he’s funny, and he just agreed that he was funny. He’s a funny kid. We’ve got friends and family sort of spread out all over the place, so we use Facebook just like every other parent does, just to share our kid with the world, but we definitely never expected anything close to this happening.”

If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out Matt in this hilarious potty training. Children can be so darn funny! He might just be training to be a stand-up comedian.

Need a #MattyG fix? Fear not. I have it. Also, not sure why he was doing this voice… 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤣

Posted by Dani DeVito on Thursday, October 24, 2019