Family Surprises Adopted Child With Present Which Turns Her Life Around

Back in 2009, a little girl got a sentimental huge Christmas surprise that she could have never anticipated. It wasn’t a toy or some elaborate status item, but something much more special.

The story all started more than 10 years ago when a family who was looking to adopt was matched to a young girl who lived in another state.

The background story

They made a trip in order to visit her in far-away foster home during the transition phase in order for her to get to know them. There, they also met her foster sister.

In the adorable YouTube video’s description which has been watched by almost 3 million people over the last decade, her father explained that the adoption was successful but their new daughter continued to miss her foster sister and express concern about her. After all, it must be pretty difficult for them to form a family and then get separated later. It’s something many of us fail to appreciate if we haven’t been involved in foster care.

Source: YouTube

Considering the fact that they wanted to alleviate some of their daughter’s concern, the adoptive mom and dad made the decision to give their daughter a Christmas surprise she’d never forget (and one that she could have never anticipated). Not long before Christmas, they tracked down the former foster sister using Facebook and offered to fly her out to their home for a reunion.

Christmas Eve

As the video statts, we can see the mom gathering all the kids in a room on Christmas Eve and there’s an odd vibe in the air.

The adopted daughter in question can pretty much tell that something is going to happen, but the mother covers by saying “Well because it’s Christmas, it’s Christmas Eve!” as if this is all one needs to explain the excitement.

That’s when all of them are directed into the living room and see a gigantic present.

Source: YouTube

They’re excited.

But this gift belongs to the newest adopted daughter. And boy is she surprised and excited to receive something so big and elaborate!

The surprise we’ve been waiting for

While they begin to pull at the wrapping paper they simply can’t figure out what might be so big and heavy.

But that’s when they kind of figure out the best way to “open” the gift is to lift the box.

After a little bit of help, the box reveals a huge surprise – that so-deeply-missed foster sister.

And the adopted girl who had been missing her so much was pretty much shocked frozen before being swept up in a big hug.

Source: YouTube

It’s undoubtedly a sentimental moment for everyone present.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing two teenage girls be genuinely excited about something, you may want to turn down the volume to spare yourself a squealy surprise!

While this moment left more than one viewer in tears, it turns out to get even better.

What happened next

What we aren’t quite able to see in the video is the follow-up story, which the father also provided since the story went viral thanks to Reddit all those years ago.

He said that when he and his wife had contacted the foster sister, she was interested in being emancipated from foster care and really wanted a family to call her own. She was already getting close to turning 18 and would soon age out of the system, so she was unlikely to be adopted at that point.

So the parents decided to make the “foster” sisters into legal sisters by adopting her shortly after this surprise went on.

Source: YouTube

The dad informed us that they all stood next to her in the courtroom while she was emancipated from foster care and declared a legal adult. Minutes later, they filed a petition in order to adopt her as an adult.

Now these two lovely girls are literally sisters!

Make sure to go scroll down below if you want to see their adorable Christmas reunion.