Experts Revealed That Keeping Babies Barefoot Can Lead Them To Be Smarter

Scientists figure tons of things out for the good of society – many of these discoveries employ unconventional knowledge, effectively surprising people.

Would you be surprised if babies who are allowed to walk barefoot 100% of the time are typically smarter than babies whose parents slap shoes on their feet almost all the time?

According to recent studies, we may not have to be so concerned about keeping our babies in socks or booties all of the time.

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Dr. Kacie Flegal, vitalistic chiropractor and member of the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association, reveals that two sensory systems (the proprioceptive and vestibular) are extremely important, yet often overlooked. She explains that walking barefoot helps with the development of these systems and can also increase brain function.

If we want these systems to develop fully and properly, it’s important that we expose them to sensory input. When we wear shoes all of the time, our feet (which are connected to many sensory cells) are not being stimulated. Walking while barefoot can increase neuromuscular strength, improve balance, and boost the development of brain centers.

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“It is obvious that when our little ones are playing in cold or harsher environments, we want to protect them and keep them safe, but with guidance and a soft patch of grass, dirt, or wet leaves available, encourage babies to discover how great it feels to tromp around with naked feet!” says Dr. Flegal. “As a result, you will permit them a great platform for the development of higher brain centers responsible for emotional control, problem-solving, language, social skills, and self assurance,” she continues.

Although the development of these systems is pertinent to a growing baby, toddler, or child, this train of thought also applies to adults. If you’re having problems with balance, spatial reasoning, or coordination, walking barefoot from time to time might help you out, too.

Although you’re not going to send your baby outside without shoes in the middle of winter, there are lots of situations where they can easily go barefoot. They’ll be more comfortable, it’s one less thing for you to worry about putting on your child, and it can even help them with their development. Sounds good enough to me!

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