Emotional Moment When Cancer Survivor Down Syndrome Toddler Hears Her Mom For The First Time

More often than not, healthy people take their good fortune for granted. Many others struggle with conditions from a young age. Grace Rosian is one of those who struggled too.

The day that she was born, Grace’s health problems began. Her mother went into labor two months premature.

The kid’s parents knew that she was going to have Down Syndrome, but the doctors had more to reveal. Then they discovered that she had TMD, transient myeloproliferative disorder, a type of leukemia.

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The doctors recommended that Grace should undergo chemotherapy immediately, to give the poor baby a fighting chance.

That’s why on her second day in the world, she underwent her first round of treatment.

The baby’s parents had to watch as the first two months of Grace’s life were spent in the NICU. As the baby was either in the incubator or undergoing treatment for her cancer, they would barely get to hold her.

But fortunately, Grace responded well to her treatments.

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The baby was eventually released from the hospital. Her parents could finally spend time with their baby. They really hoped that the little girl would never have to endure so many difficult procedures again. Turns out, they were wrong.

When the little girl was 10 months old, she went back into the hospital for some tests. The doctors came back to her parents with horible news.

She had developed an even more serious form of blood cancer, acute myeloid leukemia, AML. This form of cancer, which Down Syndrome children have a high risk of developing, would also attack Grace’s bone marrow.

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Grace had to stay in the hospital once again, But, the treatments would be even more intense this time.

The baby’s second stay would last a total of eight months. Her parents had to watch as Grace underwent painful procedures. All that they could do to help their child was pray for her.

The AML was located in Grace’s spine. The doctors had to perform 10 spinal tap operations, administering chemotherapy into her spinal fluid to treat this.

But surprisingly, Grace withstood the pressures of her treatment. Thanks to the amazing work of the medical professionals, she pulled through. And Grace remained a happy, positive baby throughout. In fact, all of the nurses and doctors in the hospital grew to love her. Grace would soon be smiling again, no matter what she went through.

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And while the girl was in the hospital for this second lengthy stay, Grace was able to get treatment for another issue.

The baby’s hearing had been severely impaired since birth. But now it was time to give her hearing aids.

Grace felt like she was in a whole new world, as soon as the doctor put the hearing aids on.

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She started to tremble, shocked at the noises that she could hear clearly for the first time. But slowly, she learned to appreciate sound, especially when she heard her parents’ voices.

Grace was eventually able to beat her second cancer diagnosis. After 8 months in the hospital, she was finally free of the disease. It was time for her to finally go home.

All of the doctors, nurses and other medical staff lined the corridors of the ward as Gace’s mom wheeled the baby out. All of them waved and said goodbye to the famoly. The majority of them couldn’t hold back tears. They had all become so attached to this brave little girl.

Even though the medical professionals would miss her terribly, they were so happy that Grace was now healthy.

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We hope that Grace will be able to enjoy a trouble-free and happy childhood from now on.