Ed Sheeran Gets Onstage For Duet With 13 Year Old Singing His Song At A Mall

Just imagine yourself; you’re in front of a large crowd singing one of your favorite songs when out of nowhere, you see the very artist who made it popular jump onstage to join you. Words wouldn’t be able to express what you’d feel in that moment!

For 13-year-old Sydney Bourbeau, this wasn’t an imaginative situation. She was singing a cover of “Thinking Out Loud” at a local mall when superstar Ed Sheeran decided to hop in for a surprise duet.

Sydney was at West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada, that day while being a part of a local fundraiser for a local humane society. A huge number of people had already gathered around her, and she was crushing her performance.

Source: YouTube

Out of knowledge for her, Sheeran happened to be shopping nearby and heard her singing. His cousin, Murray Cummings, began filming while Sheeran stopped what he was doing to shock Sydney — and basically everyone else who was present there.

In the video down below, we are able to see Ed Sheeran run onto the stage. He grabs the microphone from her and begins to sing along, but he obviously doesn’t want to steal her show. After a moment, he passes the mic back, and they keep on singing together with Sheeran harmonizing.

Despite her obvious astonishment and the steadily growing audience, Sydney doesn’t miss a beat!

As the two of them finish their wonderful performance, the crowd is just unable to handle the excitement. However, the 13-year-old simply smiles and hugs the superstar in order to show her thankfulness for the unexpected opportunity.

Source: YouTube

If this is something Sheeran regularly does for other people who remake his songs, you can sign us up! What an awesome way to make someone’s day and contribute to a great cause.