Drill Team Performed To Queen With Their Perfect Timing And Their Surprising Props

It’s a known fact that those people who spend a lot of time watching dance videos on YouTube, at some point come across some genres they’ve never seen before. For example, something such as like drill dance.

You’re definitely missing out if your high school didn’t have a drill team, but you’re not alone.

For those of you who don’t know, drill teams are a squad of dancers separate from cheerleaders that typically perform at school events (from middle school to university levels) as well as compete in regional, national, and international championships. But competitions have categories for older dancers also.

Drills teams (sometimes also called “dance squads”) are a group of dancers who can perform in unison with much precision.

This right here is a video from the Australian DrillDance Championships in 2018 is a perfect example of a classic drill performance.

Source: YouTube

Tasmania is where the national event took place and, according to a member of the squad whose comment we can see down the video, this was their National Championship Award-winning performance. According to the title that the team was so popular that they came out to give an encore after the winners were announced.

The entire team is made up of 16 female dancers all decked out in half-black/half-patterned bodysuits, their bright, white sneakers, and some handmade props. Their big, orange fans are handmade, according to a commenter on the squad (they inspired many other dancers to try and make their own after seeing this performance).

The group of women is performing to Queen’s legendary hit “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which is enough in and of itself to fuel the crowd.

Their video has actually been viewed more than 380,000 times on YouTube ever since April of 2018, when it was uploaded.

Throughout the song, there are different tempos which allow for some interesting and varied choreography. And even though there is not a lot of gymnastic movement on display, the props are what truly make the performance (but of course you need a dancer who can wield them properly for things to look flawless).

Source: YouTube

Despite the fact that they lost a feather fairly early on, it’s a pretty flawless performance.

These flexible ladies are blooming in way too many ways, making the most of their props but still relying on synchronized movement to get the aesthetics just right.

There are a variety of Drill Dance categories and this one surely falls under the category of Prop DrillDance:

“Prop DrillDance is the medium for teams to be creative within the realm of a drill/dance / rhythmic type routine with the emphasis being on the skillful use of props and precision in movement, performed to music of the team’s choice.”

The Black Diamonds DrillDance is how the team performing is called. It is based in Adelaide, Australia and this is their senior women’s group, made of of those 18 years of age and older.

Many teams from the troupe have traveled the world to give performances, even performing this routine as far away from home as Nova Scotia, Canada.

Source: YouTube

A great number of the comments on the video are from other drill dancers who plan to use the routine in their own performances – and we can really see the reason why!

The team marches off the floor to another Queen hit – “Another One Bites the Dust” as they finish their routine.

And that’s one more competition in the books for the Black Diamonds.