Dog Was Depressed Without His Soldier Dad, Until He Got A Special Delivery That Made His Day

When he was serving overseas, JD missed his dog so much, and he knew that the dog was missing him too. That’s why he decided to send the dog a special reminder of himself.

The dog, Brindle, first came into Rachel and JD Aument’s home when he was just a puppy.

They had found him in a shelter. From the moment the couple saw him, they immediately knew that he would be the perfect addition to their little family.

When the new dog came home, he saw that there was already a dog there. His name was Xavier.

Xavier was technically Rachel’s dog. Xavier was just obsessed with her. But over the coming weeks, JD was amazed to see Brindle gravitate more closely to him. Now both JD and Rachel had their own dog that especially loved each of them the most.

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But something happened that meant Brindle wouldn’t be able to spend time around his favorite person.

Since JD is a serviceman, in 2018, he received the news that he would be serving overseas. Brindle could tell that something was happening in the weeks leading up to JD’s deployment. He sensed that a disruption was looming and became clingy and sad.

The dog was more depressed than ever when the day came for JD to be deployed.
Brindle watched JD pack up his belongings and kept on whining. But eventually, JD had to say goodbye to Rachel, Xavier and Brindle. When he left the dog was crying.

Brindle’s depression worsened over the next few weeks.
The once happy dog had been moody leading up to JD’s deployment, he suffered from a total loss of energy with him gone. He would barely eat and had no passion for going on walks anymore.

Rachel said that Brindle was “So sad without him here. He loves me, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not his person. He has days where he just sits at the front window, crying.”

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Even though JD would call home frequently, Brindle couldn’t recognize his voice over the phone. It just sounded too different to him.

Then JD came up with an idea to perk the dog up. He decided to send Brindle something in the mail that would remind the dog of him. It would show Brindle that even though JD wasn’t there right now, he was still thinking of the dog and was well.

That’s why JD packed one of his used, sweaty shirts in the mail. Everyone knows that dogs have an amazing sense of smell, but would Brindle recognize his owner’s smell after such a long time?

When the package arrived, Rachel opened it. The second that she pulled the shirt out, Brindle’s personality changed immediately.

The dog became alert and raced up to the shirt.
As soon as Rachel put the shirt onto the ground, Brindle kept on rubbing his face onto it. It was like he was trying to use it to magically transport himself to JD.

Rachel started recording because she was touched by how much Brindle was loving the shirt. It was hard for her to keep focusing on the dog, as she was crying throughout this moment.

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When Rachel sent Brindle’s reaction to JD, he too was moved to tears.

Also, Xavier recognized JD’s scent and wanted to play with the shirt, but Brindle wasn’t letting that happen. JD was Brindle’s favorite person after all, so Brindle got first dibs on the shirt!

Luckily for both him and the dog, a few months after this video was recorded, JD himself walked through the door, back from his deployment.
He, Rachel, Xavier and especially Brindle are one happy family once again.

Posted by Rach Aument on Tuesday, March 26, 2019