Divorced Woman Looks 20 Years Younger After This Bombshell Makeover

Our absolute favorite makeovers are the ones that give people going through a major change a new lease on life.

And since Christopher Hopkins – who is known around the country as The Makeover Guy – has a speciality in transforming men and women over 45 into their very best selves, he’s the perfect man for this exciting job.

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking: this woman is beautiful – what could possibly make her think she needs a makeover?

Well, sometimes it’s just time for a change and Michele is a recent divorcee who is on the eve of turning 50 -she just wanted a fresh start after all.

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And she really did she get one!

The woman is just as beautiful after as she is before, but with an entirely different look. And there is no way anyone believes she’s turning 50 (not that aging is a bad thing – she’s just appears to be doing it much more slowly!).

Michele traveled to The Makeover Guy’s studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota from her home in Savannah, Georgia.

Christopher Hopkins is so popular that his YouTube videos frequently get hundreds of thousands of views often. In under 7 days, Michele’s video already has over 82,000 views!

Undoubtedly, this is in part because Hopkins is starting with a great canvas – Michele has gorgeous skin and a healthy mid-length haircut with a natural brunette color that brings out her gorgeous blue eyes.

Source: YouTube

But the woman still yearned to feel young and beautiful and wanted to see the new woman she’s become staring back at her in the mirror.

Besides her divorce, Michele is now an empty nester who is also easing back on her career. She finally has time to reclect to herself and her own happiness.

Although she wasn’t exactly looking forward to turning 50, her makeover gave her a whole new perspective on this next chapter of her life – the one that would belong to her and her alone. And she’s now doing it as a blonde!

And she certainly doesn’t look like this anymore!

Hopkins captioned her video:
“Michele from Georgia was at a good time in her life to make a big change. So she decided to reset, change direction, and create a new way to look at herself a bit differently. We took her from brunette to blonde and awakened the sexy single girl inside .”

Source: YouTube

Hell yes! Sexy indeed! And she looks at least a decade younger – or more!

Hopkins really brought his A-game for this beautiful makeover.

Let’s be fair, we have to admit that we were nervous that Michele’s natural beauty would be taken over the top, but Hopkins somehow managed to pull off a drastic color change that still complimented all of her features.

The woman’s formerly chocolate brown hair was colored a beautiful ash blonde with subtle but beautiful highlights for extra dimension.

Her lipstick remained subtle and some bronzer was added to bring out her jaw and cheekbones.

Usually, Christopher tends to go for a neutral lip and makeup that makes the eyes pop and that’s just what he did for Michele’s baby blue orbs with just a bit of mascara.

The makeup he put on her is light and natural and what really makes it all come together is not just the bright new hair color but Michele’s beautiful smile too.

Source: YouTube

Michele didn’t smile much before her makeover, but afterward – whoa! She was beaming with a big, beautiful smile that lit up the room.

“It really is an opportunity for just a new season, a fresh start – and maybe just a way to look at myself a little bit differently,” she said.

When she sent a picture to her mom, she immediately got back 10 messages raving about how stunning she looked (and a reminder that she was always beautiful).

She was more than happy to get such a positive response.

We can easily say that Michele is going home feeling better than ever.

This is one makeover you really have to see.