Daughter Installed Camera To Keep Her Elderly Mother Safe Then Caught Trash Man’s Actions

As our parents become older, we worry that they’re more at risk of accidents and loneliness. But, our communities are surprisingly caring sometimes.

Since they had raised her well and allowed her to thrive as an adult, Colette Kingston had always been grateful to her parents.

But when her father died, Kingston’s mother, Opal Zucca, refused to move out of their house.

Although Kingston and her husband offered Zucca a room in their home, Zucca was adamant about staying.

Zucca was still thriving, even as the years passed.

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Kingston would visit her on a regular basis and make sure that her mother was all right.

But Zucca found that she had fewer and fewer friends. And, when she got in her late eighties, her health took a major downward turn. She was diagnosed with dementia. Until this time, Zucca had been blessed with good health. Even though it came as a shock, Zucca was stubborn and determined to manage her condition.

But still, Zucca wanted to live independently.

Although Kingston tried to get Zucca to come live with her and her husband, she still refused.

The mother and daughter reached a compromise eventually.

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Zucca would stay in her home, but Kingston would take some measures to make surr that she knew her mother was safe.

One of these measures was installing a security camera outside the woman’s house.

Regularly, Kingston would check these cameras, making sure that her mother could still live independently.

But then one morning, Zucca went outside to bring her trashcan away from the street. When she reached the trashcan, she slipped and hit her head against the concrete.

When this happened, Kingston saw the event on the camera and panicked. She started to rush to her mother’s home. But what she did not know was that she had no reason to panic at all.

Fortunately, a sanitation worker was just down the street. He’d only just emptied Zucca’s trashcan.

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As soon as he noticed Zucca lying on the floor and approached her.

As soon as the sanitation worker, Billy Shelby, reached Zucca, he helped her to her feet. He made sure that she was okay and carefully walked her back into her house. Then he took her trashcan up the driveway.

And when Kingston arrived at the scene, she saw that Zucca was fine, thanks to Shelby.

This undoubtedly kind act got even better.

From that moment onwards, Shelby started especially looking out for Zucca. Every time the truck came to take in Zucca’s trash, he took the can back to Zucca’s home. He also engaged in friendly conversation with Zucca and visited her quite often.

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Kingston still gets notifications saying that the camera detects movement. And almost always, it’s Shelby helping and talking to Zucca.

Kingston decidet to post one of their recent conversations to Facebook, and it’s incredibly heartwarming.

In the video, Shelby walks Zucca and her trashcan to her home while making conversation.

“You are looking good. I like that hair. You got it down. I got to work on mine,” Shelby says.

Then, Shelby has to get back to work and gives Zucca a friendly goodbye.

This video that Kingston posted has struck a chord with people online.

That video now has over 455,000 views, 11,000 likes and 640 comments. People have been saying things such as:

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Now, Kingston can sleep a little easier at night knowing that Shelby is looking out for her mother.

In January, my mom fell while trying to bring the trash can back up her driveway and got hurt. This gentleman from WasteManagement was there when it happened. Ever since, he has brought the can back up the driveway for mom. This was him today helping her; he demonstrates such care for her. It takes a village – such a small kind gesture but leaves a enormous relief for us. Thank you kind sir. Love, the Zucca family.

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