Cute Twins Show Off Fancy Footwork With Their Dad In Adorable Performance Of The Sensational Internet Challenge

Those families that are musically inclined are so, so wholesome. There’s nothing better than being able to express yourself to the music, like the family in this video?

When Tessa and Emma, twins, were born, their dad was incredibly happy.

Clearly, every father is happy when their children come into the world. But these girls’ dad had a very unique reason for his joy: He finally had some little dance partners!

Newborn babies make terrible dance partners, as everyone knows, but it’s not their fault! They are notable to walk let alone dance.

Source: YouTube

however, the twins’ father wasted no time. He kept playing danceable music to them, in hopes of getting them to start moving from a young age. And it definitely worked. Almost as soon as the girls could stand up, they’d start boogying.

As soon as the twins grew into young girls, the father would dance with them, and they’d all have so much fun together.

The Git Up Challenge is something that became famous in 2019, and gave the twins and daddy trio the chance to be appreicated by the masses.

For those who don’t know, The Git Up Challenge is an online sensation where people dance to the song The Git Up by Blanco Brown. People all over the world have been showing off their moves to the catchy tune. But Tessa, Emma and their dad have surely created one of the most adorable performances of all!

Source: YouTube

In the beginning of the video, the two girls standing at either side of a small stage in their home. Their dad is dressed up in full cowboy regalia and he struts into the middle of the stage.

All of the family members warm up to the opening song, and then an unexpected family member walks in, the family dog!

As soon as the song really kicks off, so do the family members, moving flawedsly in time with each other and the beat. Except for the dog, who is clearly amused by the family’s dance as he looks at them!

They are all clearly having loads of fun with their performance. they go slightly out of step a bit later but that doesn’t make their performance any less entertaining.

These two young girls are probably really proud of their moves! Who could dance like them at their age, after all?

Source: YouTube

The dad uploaded the performance to YouTube after it was over. in a short time, it went viral, gaining over one million views in no time. Until Today, it has managed to gain 1.4 million views on the site. It also has over 18,000 likes and 700 comments.

Obviously, this father/daughter trio has a bright future! They could sell-out shows across the world with their skills!

It’s a shame that the family hasn’t uploaded any other father/daughter dance videos yet, since they certainly would be entertaining. But there are some cute videos on their YouTube channel.

Back when Tessa and Emma were just toddlers, their dad filmed them playing in their living room, for example.

However, the video had a twist. The footage was sped up, and the Benny Hill theme tune was played over them moving around so quickly.

The cute girls look like they’re having so much fun in both videos. Obviously, they are growing up in a loving, nurturing home.

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