Cute Puppies Got Into A Little Scuffle And Their Mama’s Intervention Is Warming Hearts

Of course that every person who grew up quarreling with a sibling can relate to these dogs. They really make you sympathize with what your poor mother went through.

Having a brother or a sister to grow up with is a great thing.

You have a constant companion who goes with you on every family vacation, plays with you at home and goes through school with you, all thanks to them.

But fights are one huge downside to having siblings.

It’s a fact that almost all close siblings get into disagreements every now and then. It almost always begins over a trivial matter. However, it can turn into a huge fight. And only parents can resolve the issue when this happens.

Source: YouTube

This incident, which plays out all over the world, is not just something humans ‘practice’.

Every now and then, puppy siblings also get into squabbles that their mothers have to get involved in too. And one video really captured just that.

The video begins with two puppy twins, Lucy and Milo, fighting on the carpet. It’s an adorable sight to see. The puppiws have no chance of causing each other harm, since they are only a couple of weeks old. However, they’re still mad at each other for some reason known only to them!

The cute pups swipe at and try to bite each other on a carpet. The mother just wants to wait for the fight to blow over at first.

Then the cuties start pushing at each other. It seems like they’re fighting over who gets to sleep on the carpet, just like when kids are fighting over who’s taking up the most room in the back of the car or teenagers about who’s riding shotgun.

The video cuts to some time later, and the puppies are still fighting.

Source: YouTube

The pups’(Lucy and Milo’s) mom realizes that she has to calm her dogs down. She walks up to them and tries to pull one off of the other sibling.

But the puppy starts yapping back at the mother, as if to say that it was the other one’s fault.

Then, as if wanting to say

“Don’t talk to me like that!” the mom starts barking back at the puppy.

Just a little later, the two puppies are sharing the carpet like good siblings. The mom keeps on barking. Obviously, she’s telling them to both behave and that she’s sick of constantly having to break up their fights.

Source: YouTube

One of the puppies tries to bark back at the mom. But the mom is having none of it, and she barks back at her child for being so disrespectful towards her.

The adorable video ends there. Probably almost everyone can agree that this scene is painfully relatable! Even if you didn’t grow up with a close sibling, you for sure have witnessed this happening with someone else?

Fortunately, the dogs’ owners uploaded the video of this family squabble onto YouTube shortly after it happened.

Soon, the video went viral. To date it has, gained more than 10.5 million views. It also has over 246,000 likes and 14,700 comments. People have been commenting things like this:

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Obviously, many, many people online have been able to relate to the doggies in this video!

This whole thing just goes to show why dogs are man’s best friend. It isn’t just that they are absolutely adorable. They also go through many of the same family experiences that we do!