Customer And Salesman Sit At Costco Pianos And Improvise Cover Of Hit Song

The things that you can find at Costco are pretty much limitless. But what shoppers encountered on this day was unlike anything they’d ever seen before.

Could Costco become America’s next awesome concert venue? It sounds like a dumb question. After all, it’s a store, not Carnegie Hall. But this video is great enough to make you think twice about that.

A musician with aspirations came into Costco one day searching for a new piano. She needed something which sounded great and wanted to try all of them out.

The salesman who helped her out was also a super talented musician, so he was more than willing to compare the pianos with her.


The salesman recommended two different pianos to the woman, but he realized that there was only one way to actually compare the quality of their percussion. It was by using a duet!

And so the salesman began playing the opening notes to Adele’s Someone Like You.

Obviously, the Costco job was just the salesman’s side hustle. He didn’t miss a single beat!

Then the customer jumped in, fabulously adding to the song.

The other customers in the store started turning their heads. Some of them even paused for a while. They couldn’t believe their ears or their eyes. They were getting a performance that some people would pay hundreds of dollars for right inside of the store. Costco was really saving them a lot of money that day!

Source: YouTube

Soon enough, people began to flock from all corners of the store. They had to see and enjoy this special moment.

At one point, two young girls began playing on another piano next to the customer and the salesman. It’s only so slightly irritating but doesn’t distract the audience from the duet. And hey, at least the salesman and the customer were encouraging young people to display their talent!

After finishing the song, a round of applause comes from those who have gathered around. Then the salesman and the customer high five each other.

Clearly, the salesman had made that sale!

Fortunately, a person was filming the entire thing and posted it on YouTube afterwards.

Source: YouTube

No one anticipated the video to transform into as big of a hit as it did.

To date, the video has gathered more than 13 million views. It also has over 127,000 likes and 3,600 comments.

People have been leaving super nice comments on the performance:

And in 2018, the salesman in the video made the decision to make his identity public. He wrote a comment onto the YouTube video. In the comment he thanks everyone who has complimented him and scolds the people who criticize the kids for playing their own notes off-screen. He also wants those kids to continue practicing.

Specifically, he said this:

“I had no idea the video was even being recorded until AFTER the “high ten”, yeah? […] This world… is still a lovely place. This world… is what WE make of it.”

The salesman seems like a super kind guy.

The customer in the video has also revealed a little about herself.

After the video was recorded and uploaded, she turned into a certified music therapist and is now practicing her craft in Southern California. She posts videos on YouTube under the name COSTCO PIANO GIRL.

Source: YouTube

She said this:

“Thank you all for your support and love for music. May it continue. And lastly, I would ask that you refrain from leaving negative comments about the children as we were all once a child.”

Both performers sound like great people!