Couple With Down Syndrome Shared The Most Adorable Airport Reunion After Some Time Apart

If you have ever wondered if love at first sight is real, we’ve got something to prove it.

A young entrepreneur with Down syndrome named Gabi Angelini, from Raleigh, North Carolina employs other people with disabilities. She traveled to Detroit, Michigan last May and there she first crossed paths with Nick Doyle.

The boy, who is a performer in the world’s first improv troupe made up of people with Down syndrome, was attending the National Down Syndrome Society’s annual convention, just like Gabi. The chemistry between the pair was instantaneous. By the end of the conference the two were inseparable, according to Mary, Gabi’s mother.

Unfortunately, Nick never got Gabi’s number in the chaos of getting everyone safely home.

Source: Mary Angelini

When he want back home in Canton, Ohio, Nick didn’t want to lose Gabi, so he went online and found her on social media. The two picked up their relationship where they’d left off, exchanging text messages, phone calls, and video chats. Fortunately, they didn’t have to wait long to see each other because they’d both planned to attend another conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania a month later. Lucky them!

“They spent every second together those three days but again, so sad at the end as there were no more conferences to bring them together,” Mary told InspireMore.

Then, a few weeks after being parted once more, Gabi told her mom how much she missed Nick and broke down in tears. Since Mary couldn’t bear to see her daughter in such pain, she decided to secretly reach out to Lisa, Nick’s mom.

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These two moms did their best trying to find a way to reunite the lovebirds, and as everyone knows, once moms get involved, there’s nothing that can stop them!

They both found a good time to schedule a visit, then Mary went on and booked Gabi a ticket to Ohio. What Gabi thought was that she was headed to another conference. Nick, on the other hand, thought he was at the airport to pick up a friend.

When the big day came, Lisa recorded the moment when Nick and Gabi first see each other in the airport after weeks apart. Nick is so blown away he drops to his knees, and Gabi impatiently leaps into her boyfriend’s open arms.

Neither Gabi, who is 21 years old, nor Nick, 30 years old have been in a romantic relationship before. Mary explained that “people with Down syndrome have no warm up time when it comes to love. They lean in and love fully.”

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Gabi, Nick and both of their mothers had a great visit in Ohio. The couple soaked up as much of each other as possible in the little time they had. Nick’s mother, Lisa, even said she’s never seen her son so happy in his whole life!

This couple’s happiness is clear if you just take a look at their reunion video! These two souls were definitely made to be with each other.

Both Nick and Gabi are great advocates for people with Down syndrome. They’ve both already accomplished so much, and they continue to achieve new things all the time. Now that they have each other, who knows what else they’ll do together!

Source: Facebook

Click the video below to watch Gabi and Nick’s sweet airport reunion!