Couple Risks It All On Ice With Scary Routine

Jesus Christ Superstar is one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most famous musicals. It was originally written in the year 1970, but has been remade many times in a lot of different ways. One awesome way that Lloyd Webber’s compositions have come back to life is in this amazing figure skating performance performed by Russian athletes Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov.

This duo is National, European, World and Olympic Champions, which isn’t that difficult to believe when you see them skating!

They take their places right in the middle of the ice at the top of the routine. It is obvious to see that the pair are trying to get into the zone, which makes sense when you see what’s to come. They do a few laps while doing final checks of the laces on their skates and warming their legs up.

They need to be 100% present there in the moment in order to pull off this wonderful routine.

Source: YouTube

When they begin it is truly breathtaking! You are able to see that being World Champions means having perfect movement, and unfaltering grace. I can hardly skate going forward, but they skate backward, overlapping their feet as they maintain complete composure.

Oh yeah… I am able to do that…

As they keep on doing their routine, they up the ante at every turn. No matter if they’re spinning, twisting or doing amazing acrobatics, they clearly have unrivaled skill.

It seems to the public like Tatiana could go flying off into the crowd at any time!

One of the many things which makes their performance so extraordinary is that they continue to be theatrical throughout. Not only are they nailing the wonderfil high-flying acrobatics, but at the same time it’s like they’re telling a story. The pair incorporate gesture, expression and movement to portray the characters and tell the story that the song relates to from Jesus Christ Superstar.

Source: YouTube

They are both athletes AND performers.

More than one time, Trankov launches Tatiana into the hair at high speed as if she’s a basketball and he’s Michael Jordan. While Tatiana soars through the air, she spins like a ball. To be honest, while you’re watching it’s not totally obvious whether or not she’ll ever return to earth or simply vanish into the sky forever.

But in the end she does land, and you would not even begin to imagine even how!

The photo shown above is an image of Tatiana landing from her highest throw.

She. Does. It. Backwards. On. A. Single. Foot.

And she glides away backward as if it’s nothing out of the ordinary….I don’t even…


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Besides the pair’s incredible synchronicity, which the commentators mention is superb and superior to their competitors, they seem to have connected bodies as well as minds.

Trankov lifts Tatiana into the air on one hand with flawless form, making us believe that she doesn’t weigh more than a feather.

Once again, another perfectly theatrical moment in the big finish.

They pose and hold, confident that they’ve just shown the crowd a flawless performance. As you are able to see, the crowd go wild and they even give them a standing ovation.

After they break out of their pose, they skate around on the ice picking up all of the roses, chocolates and teddy bears that their fans throw onto the ice…and there are so many of them it manages to take them quite a bit !

Source: YouTube

Be sure to watch the whole video down below to be amazed by these amazing figure skaters!