Couple Adopts Little Boy, After 6 Years They Get Life-Changing News From His Birth Mom

Adoption has always been a tricky process. Each and every single kid is different and comes with special circumstances. And pretty often, these circumstances can lead up to major complications.

Joseph and Shanna Weight had the relationship that the majority of usual people dream of.

Like your ordinary married couple, they were always finishing each other’s sentences. All of their friends told them that when they had children, they would be the luckiest kids in the world. They were just that loving and kind!

But then there came some bad news. The couple continued trying to conceive a child but with no luck.

They eventually found out that they were infertile. But they so desperately wanted to have a child. They would have to turn to other methods.

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They made the decision to undertake the long, drawn-out process of adoption.

Their local adoption agency was Act of Love Adoptions. After some years, the Weights were approved.

Shortly after, little Milo came into the agency’s system.

He was a child whose mom was a teenager. Milo seemed healthy and perfect. It was only a set of unfortunate circumstances which led to him being put up for adoption.

Immediately falling in love with the child, the Weights decided that they had to have him as their child.

He would have a loving home. They also made the decision to keep in contact with the birth mom. Their hearts were just that big and kind. They had no problems whatsoever with sharing the love of their kid with another.

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Milo kept growing, forming an amazing personality.

But afterwards, a miracle happened.

Shanna Weight discovered that she was pregnant. Milo was going to become a big brother! Both of the parents’ kids would always be treated like equals, surely.

But, when Milo was six years old, something even more surprising happened.

The Weights had been out of contact with Milo’s birth mom for many months. They were beginning to be pretty worried. It was unlike her to not give them updates.

Then the adoption agency called. They had some pretty big news concerning Milo’s birth mom.

They let them know that Milo’s biological mom had been out of contact because she had some big news which she wanted to hide from them. She was pregnant again.

Milo’s birth mother still thought of herself as way too young to raise a child. She knew that the Weights now had two children, but she still wanted her kids to grow up together.

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The adoption agency asked the Weights if they would like to adopt the new baby when it was brought into this world. They didn’t answer right away.

Both Joseph and Shanna were sure about one thing up until that point: all they wanted was two children.

Joseph had even had a vasectomy to ensure that there would not be any more surprises.

And the timing couldn’t possibly be any worse for the Weights.

Nash, their biological child, was younger than two years old when they found out about the news. They were already exhausted from this baby and Milo.

Shanna’s initial thought was “We can’t do this.” But the more they talked about it, the more they realized that adopting Milo’s younger sibling was a pretty good thing to do.

But they still couldn’t make up their minds. Could they really do this? Babies were so expensive! But then something sealed the deal.

Milo accidentally heard his parents talking about his birth mom being pregnant.

He was so excited. He said that they had to immediately take the baby home to them.

The Weights looked down at their son and immediately understood that he was right. No matter what it cost, they just had to take that baby home.

“But if she was supposed to come home with us, all the other stuff doesn’t matter and it will work itself out.” – Shanna.

What made it even better was the fact that the Weights found out that the new baby was going to be a girl. This would be a whole new adventure for the family!

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In February 2019, Onni Pearl was born.

Milo was so joyful after taking her home. Nash was still a little too little to fully understand what was going on, but he was happy nonetheless!

Now, the Weights have three kids.

That means their house most likely will not be quiet for many years. But their love will make it an amazing experience for everyone included, even Milo and Onni’s birth mom!

Source: Good Morning America