Class Mates Secretly Organized Toy Drive And Surprised Little Boy Who Lost Everything In A House Fire

There’s no guarantees in life. One second a person can feel safe and in the next can lose everything.

8-year-old boy named Daniel Hunt and his parents are still reeling from this situation. Since their house burned down in September, they were left with no home or any belongings.

Luckily, the Tennessee third-grader has people looking out for him. He was all smiles thanks to the kindness of his teachers and classmates at Philadelphia Elementary School, less than a week later.

His cute school friends were heartbroken when they heard about the fire and what it meant for Daniel. That’s why they took it upon themselves to lift the boy’s spirits and organizing a secret toy drive to replace what he’d lost.

Source: Facebook

There, people donated board games, stuffed animals, toy cars, Lego sets, sports gear, and many more toys. Also, there were handwritten cards included, together with encouraging messages!

The special moment when Daniel walked into class on September 27 was recorded for someone. We can see in the video when jumps up from where they were hiding on floor and yells, “Surprise!”

We can hear kids giggle with excitement as Daniel examines the bags filled with his gifts, still unsure what exactly is going on. Then, the boy covers his mouth in shock when his teacher reveals that those are all for him!

Source: Facebook

Afterwards, Daniel’s classmates surround him for a giant group hug, making this one of the sweetest encounters to ever take place at the school.

When Kristen Hunt Wilburn, the boy’s mom heard about the class’ generosity, she began crying at work. “This school has shown my boy nothing but love, and I couldn’t be more grateful or thank them enough,”Kristen wrote on a Facebook post. “We live in an amazing community, and we are so so blessed.”

Source: Facebook

And Daniel couldn’t be happier to have so many people in his corner! Knowing that single fact alone is a better gift than all his new toys combined. Unfortunately, his family still has a long way to go to recover from the fire. And Kiddie Kingdom Daycareis accepting donations on their behalf if you want to help.

Here’s the video. Get your tissues ready. We are so blessed to be Warriors. 💜💛

Posted by Kristen Hunt Wilburn on Friday, September 27, 2019