Church Worker Finds Two Abandoned Babies In The Trash- Pastor Adopts Them

As soon the chef of this church noticed something odd, he immediately made the decision to investigate. Because of this, two babies have now been given a chance to thrive.

Mark Purcell, the Pasco Metropolitan Ministries executive chef, was closing up for the evening. He brought some trashbags outside for them to be collected the next day, when he noticed that he saw something pretty weird.

What looked like two dolls were heaped on top of some other trashbags closely. However, after thinking they are dolls, Purcell thought that he saw one of the dolls move.

On a closer look, Purcell realized that what he had thought of as dolls were actually two helpless babies.

The babies had been left out in the cold, only wearing diapers and, in the elder child’s luck, a pair of shoes without socks. The younger baby was obviously only around six months old. The older one was perhaps two years old.

Then Purcell heard a noise, and he went around in order to investigate. The babies’ mother was close to the corner.

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Purcell learned that the mother and the babies were homeless. The mother wanted to give the babies a good life, and she knew that she couldn’t provide it. Up until this point, she and her kids had been spending their life in a tent. But she was aware of the fact that she couldn’t handle the babies any longer.

Afterwards, the chef contacted one of the pastors of the church, Krystal Stewart, who let him know that she and her husband could take care of them for a while.

The pastor was informed about these kids already. They and their mom had sometimes shown up at the church’s soup kitchens. She had previously asked if the mother needed to bathe the kids at their house.

After Purcell dropped the children off at the pastor’s home, the pastor was utterly shocked to find out that the babies were covered in bug bites and were filthy. Stewart bathed them. The two of them were so dirty that she had to empty and refill the bath two times.

After a few days, the babies’ mom asked Stewart and her husband if they could look after the kids while they were searching outside for a better living situation. A social worker was also there, who explained that if the Stewarts couldn’t keep them, she would turn the kids into the foster system.

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“This was not talked about, but we just looked at each other, and we knew there was no other option. Of course we said yes.” – Krystal Stewart.

Soon enough, the Stewarts became pretty close with the babies. As months passed by, the babies also began growing close to the Stewarts.

Stewart and her husband already were parents of three children of their own. But they soon figured out that the boys they had taken in had become a part of the family, in name if not on paper. So eventually, they started out the process of picking the children up for adoption.

A news story of the babies and their journey then showed up on YouTube, where it quickly went viral.

Up until now, the video has gathered more than 1.4 million views. It also has over 1,300 comments and 100 comments. People have been commenting things like this:

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The two baby boys in this story are incredibly fortunate. They have travelled from horrible circumstances to a loving, big home. They are sure to thrive as the Stewarts’s kids.