Child Gets Too Close To Gorilla Child And What Happens Next Has Got Parents Everywhere In Stitches

One of the most amazing things when jt comes to toddlers is that they’re always very sociable. This friendliness can also be present when it comes to befriending animals, sometimes with funny results.

Isaiah is a toddler like that. Each and every single day, he grows a little smarter and a little bit taller. But when his parents took him to the Columbus Zoo, Isaiah was taught a very important lesson.

Isaiah found the visit enjoyable. There’s something magical about seeing a very young kid be filled with excitement because they’re discovering so many new and different creatures.

About halfway through the time being at the zoo, Isaiah and his family managed to get to the monkeys.

Isaiah really loved the trip to the zoo, specifically the monkeys. They were swinging from tree to tree and doing all sorts of comical things they usually tend to do.

Afterwards, Isaiah noticed a baby gorilla right next to the glass close to him.

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The gorilla was almost precisely as big as Isaiah. So Isaiah began to approach it, thinking he might be able to befriend the little animal.

The baby gorilla whose name was Kamoli, looked at Isaiah with curiosity.

Gorillas have so many similarities to people, even as little children.

Surprisingly, Isaiah had the ability to bond with Kamoli.

Kamoli didn’t get scared nor did he run away. The human kid and the gorilla kid took a look at each other for a while.

But Kamoli’s mother was watching only one branch above.

In the beginning, she was a little cautious, but then she figured out that Isaiah didn’t want any harm and that all he wanted was to be friends with her child.

Then Isaiah’s parents asked their son “What do the gorillas do?”

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Isaiah replied by pounding his chest. This made Kamoli energetic. Isaiah enjoyed watching the little gorilla be in a playful mood. The duo began to plat a game of tag, not allowing the glass barrier stop them.

Kamoli continued to run from one end of the enclosure to the other, with small Isaiah chasing.

Then Kamoli attempted to hide behind trees and other objects, peeking out to see whether Isaiah was playing along or not.

Isaiah would announce when he spotted Kamoli, making the baby gorilla jump out and find a new hiding spot.

Everyone present who was watching this scene (on both the human and gorilla sides of the glass) got their heart warmed. It didn’t matter that Isaiah and Kamoli were totally different species. They had become best friends in such little time.

And it looked like Isaiah and Kamoli would never stop playing. All things considered, the tiny ones only played together for more than five minutes.

But after a while, the two got visibly worn out.

Isaiah’s parents said to him that it was time to check out some other animals. But just while they were leaving the enclosure, Isaiah said “Bye, gorilla!” to Kamoli. Kamoli watched Isaiah leave in a pretty sad way.

A lot of parents call their kids their little monkeys, but Isaiah’s parents can actually say that!

Later on, Isaiah’s dad said “It was a really fun interaction. Isaiah is just like that. Anyone who knows him knows that he’s super playful.”

Source: YouTube

A video of Isaiah and Kamoli playing was posted on YouTube. The video has been a huge virtual hit!

Undoubtedly, this was an extraordinary moment for both Isaiah and Kamoli. Who knows, maybe one day Isaiah will bring his own kids to Columbus Zoo, and then they’ll play with Kamoli’s kids?