Carrie Underwood Invites Her Mother On Stage To Rap And The Whole Thing Goes Viral

You have to get pretty creative when you perform it on tour if you’re a country music sensation who has recorded a hit song with a hip hop star.

The famous singer Carrie Underwood is finding creative solutions to performing her smash hit “The Champion (ft. Ludacris)” on her “Cry Pretty 360” tour.

When she was in Boston, she invited a man named Chuck Choi to the stage who had used hip hop to learn English when he moved to the U.S. (Side note: Since Choi learned English from listening to Eminem, we’d love to talk to him because that must be some vocabulary!)

Carrie Underwood called Choi “a champion” for having a good attitude and working hard to learn the language:

“Chuck says his experience has taught him that nothing is impossible, and you can overcome any struggle with a positive attitude.”

Source: carrieunderwood/Instagram

She invited the WNBA’s Erica McCall on stage in Indianapolis.

However, at a recent concert closer to home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Underwood – who shot to superstardom faster than any American Idol winner in history (she won in 2005) – invited her very own “champion” to the stage to stand in for Ludacris.

She asked her mom Carole to rap Ludacris’ part.

Although it’s only about 12 lines, most of us would forget them immediately on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans, but her mother was a champion indeed as she rapped:

Source: carrieunderwood/Instagram

Carole really looks like a mom rapping. Oh heck yes. Is she getting her own recording contract any time soon? Well unfortunately, no.

But she still got up there and show how fun and brave and ready to support her daughter she is? Absolutely!

Carole got the job done and became an overnight sensation while her daughter rapped along for a few lines to keep her mother on track.

Two weeks ago, Underwood posted the performance to Instagram, and three-quarters-of-a million people have watched the original upload alone ever since then.

She captioned it:

“Nailed it! I kept trying to keep her on track! 😂 At the end she said ‘Did I do OK?’ Who knew Mom could rap?! #MyMomsCoolerThanYourMom.”

Source: carrieunderwood/Instagram

We don’t know about you, but our moms are pretty cool too. But we’re happy to skip the rap-off to prove that.

The same night, Underwood posted another set of videos, showing her in her dressing room predicting what her mom’s performance would look like (and she was spot on!) followed by a version where it’s easier to hear her lyrics.

Source: @carrieunderwood via Instagram