Bus Driver Keeps Small Girl On Bus After Taking Other Kids To School- Says It’s Because Of Her Hair

Isabella Pieri has been through a situation which no child should ever have to go through. When she was only nine years old, she lost her mother because of cancer. She consequently had to learn to become more independent. Fortunately, an uncommon member of the community has helped her out.

Isabella was born into a supportive and loving home. The early years of her childhood were wonderfully happy, fortunately to her nurturing parents. But then, something horrible happened.

Isabella’s mom got diagnosed with cancer.

The mom’s husband and daughter were there for her each and every single step of the way. But she continued getting weaker as time passed.

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Afterwards, when Isabella was pnlg nine years old, her mother lost her fight against cancer.

Isabella’s dad was continuing to be there for her. But the poor kid had to learn to become a lot more independent. In the mornings, she had to prepare for school by herself.

Isabella quickly learned the majority of the things she had to do. But brushing her hair appropriately always seemed to be a problem. She just couldn’t get it right as her mom was able to.

Isabella turned to her father for help. But he also seemed to struggle with styling Isabella’s hair. After months of trying but failing to make Isabella’s hair right, he went to drastic measures. He said that he was going to cut Isabella’s hair. Isabella was hesitant. She loved her long flowing hair, when it was brushed in the right way. But she didn’t want to make her dad upset, so she then agreed to allow him to cut it.

When Isabella saw what her dad had done to her hair, she was terrified. The crew cut was the total opposite of what she wanted it to look like. She tried not to show her sadness and disappointment to her dad. But she couldn’t stop herself.

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So Isabella grew out her hair once again and was having trouble maintaining it.

But then help came from an unlikely allt. Isabella had seen her school bus driver, Tracy Dean, styling another girl’s hair. So Isabella asked Tracy if she was willing to style her hair aswell.

Tracy smiled and asked Isabella to stay behind on the bus after it arrived to their school. So when it was only Isabella and Tracy on the bus, Tracy took something out of her handbag. It was a styling kit.

Tracy then spent about 10 minutes brushing and braiding Tracy’s hair in the way that the girl felt like it was right. Isabella just couldn’t believe it. She had thought that she might never be able to look like this ever again.

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It might sound kind of unnecessary to some people. But having her hair right meant a lot to Isabella. After all that she had been through, she really was in desperate need of something like this in her life.

Then Tracy began to cry. Isabella was confused. But then Tracy revealed something about her past. She herself used to have cancer, just like Isabella’s mom did.

Fortunately, Tracy was be able to put through and was still there for her kids. She just hoped that Isabella’s mother could still be in the world. Tracy also promised that she would style Isabella’s hair each and every morning from then on.

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“I didn’t just survive for my husband or my children. I survived for these kids on the bus that need somebody to talk to or do their hair or whatever.” – Tracy Dean.

At school, a teacher noticed Isabella’s hair and immediately saw that she was happier. She asked Isabella who had styled her hair.

Isabella told her about her bus driver. So the teacher made the decision to go out of her way to show her gratefulness. She wrote a note to the bus company, letting them know that their worker had done something wonderful.

Tracy Dean is wholeheartedly an amazing person.

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She went out of her way to help someone who had gone through something horrible. If only everyone was able look out for others in their community in the same way.