Bohemian Rhapsody Begins Playing While Ice Skaters Shock Crowd With Special Dance

Bohemian Rhapsody, the iconic six-minute masterpiece by Queen, has been danced and sung to so many times. But these ice skaters may just have performed the most powerful execution of all times.

The stakes at the Canadian Synchronized Skating Championships are incredibly high.

After all, Canadians are fans of their ice sports! The NEXXICE Senior team was aware of the fact that they had to give it their all with their performance.

So the team’s manager picked out the 1975 Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s a famously long song with distinctly various tempo and tone changes.

That meant that the team would have to master, essentially, five various performances which all formed one cohesive whole at the same exact time.

Source: YouTube

It all seems like such an impossible task, but the whole entire team was up for it. They spent many months practicing and perfecting a routine.

Afterwards, it was time for the performance and for the team to find out if their ambitious routine was going to work out..

So the team assembled on the rink. They took their positions, and Freddie Mercury’s opening lyrics “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” played out.

The team was all spinning on the spot in the middle of those lyrics. Then they split into four different groups.

After that was done, two of the groups of skaters split off, joined hands and started skating to the edge of the rink. The other two groups got closer together. One of the groups lifted one of their performers into the air.

Source: YouTube

Then the two inner groups started forming a circle while the outer groups formed wings to that circle. They were all sponning backwards at a wonderful speed. And to think that this was just the opening seconds of the long performance!

The groups immediately split out and stretched all across the rink.

After doing this, they started reforming into one big square and skated forward on their knees.

For the second part of the song, the one that begins with “Mama, just killled a man,” the group stayed in one solid formation, skating backward and forwards and spinning wonderfully from one end of the rink to the other.

But when the lyrics “I don’t wanna die,” started to be sung, the group started slipping into two lines.

Then they formed four lines of four and weaved in between each other.

This second part was finished with all of the groups raising and holding a skater above their heads.

Source: YouTube

When the song changed to “I see a little silhouettto of a man” the skaters formed two groups again, span in circles and weaved through each other.

This sequence ended with all of the groups joining arms and can-caning across the rink.

As soon as the popular guitar solo hit, the group formed another square, with all the members holding on to each others’ hands as their arms were stretched out.

Then they split off into four groups of four dancers again and were leaning forward while lifting one leg each into the sky.

For the lyrics “Nothing really matters to me” the team structured a giant, spread out circle and weaved in and out of each other while keeping up this shape.

For the last position, the group formed a pentagon with one of the members doing a handstand in the middle.

Source: YouTube

The whole entire crowd applauded, not quite believing what they had just been a part of witnessing.

The above descriptions go some way into describing how good the performance is, but with 16 skaters and so many moves, they don’t really do it much justice. Take a look at the video below if you want to see how awesome the performance is!