Baby Serenaded By Karen Carpenter Song Grabs Attention With Great Voice

Very thankful that today we get to live in a world of technology – because sometimes there are moments in life that are just way too adorable not to catch on tape.

One of these heart-warming moments took place when a woman started singing a Carpenters song to a friend’s four-month-old baby. The response which was fortunately caught on film is just too precious for words, one of the main reasons why the footage has gone viral.

There’s nothing greater than getting to listen to a live performance, specifically if the person has an angelic voice.

In the video shown down below, there is a small baby called Adler strapped in his car seat sitting on the kitchen table. When his mother’s friend Annie wonderfully remade “I Need To Be In Love,” unsurprisingly he became captivated.

Luckily, a man called John (who was also present in the said room) had made the decision to reach for his camera and press the record button. Let’s just say, everyone is really glad that he did.

Source: YouTube

Teeny-tiny Adler has a smile that can brighten up everybody’s day.

There’s simply something about a baby’s joyful grin that could transform even the toughest guy you ever know into a softy. Be prepared to have your heartstrings tugged while you watch how happy Adler is listening to the 1976 song.

He seems so mesmerized by Annie and her voice while she is singing with a piano in the background.

“The hardest thing I’ve ever done
Is keep believing
There’s someone in this crazy world for me…”

Source: YouTube

Did anyone order a backup singer?

Small Adler likes the performance so much that it seems like he even attempts to sing along! He moves his mouth and makes low sounds while staring at the woman’s face.

Just watching his response it’s almost impossible not to say, “awww.” He’s such a gorgeous baby, but seeing his face light-up reaction is just like the cherry on top.

As it seems, it’s a tune that put a smile on the late Karen Carpenter’s face as well.
Song Facts said on their website:

“According to Carpenters – The Untold Story by Ray Coleman, “I Need To Be In Love” was Karen Carpenter’s very favorite song.”

Source: The Carpenters

Everyone in the room was surprised by the scene that took place right in front of their eyes.

John made the decision to post the video on YouTube and even wrote the following caption:

“Doug came by to teach me some chords for a song–Annie had started singing the Karen Carpenter song, “I Know I Need To Be In Love.” 4-month old Alder then tried to sing, too. (Its a friend of ours child , she brought him by ) So I grabbed a nearby camera. Thanks to Lisa for bringing him over. What a cutie – John”

The video spread like wildfire and it has been viewed for over 3.4 million times.

Thousands of comments were made on the initial video of Adler listening to Annie sing, “I Need To Be In Love.”

One person shared:

“This video just made my day! The joy on this beautiful and innocent child’s face melted my heart. Beautiful voice, thank you!”

Source: YouTube

Another commenter wrote:

“That sweet precious baby felt every word of that song. Karen would have been so proud, you did a wonderful job singing.”

You are able to watch the video footage down below.