Baby Daughter Begins Twisting And Shaking Whenever Music Is Played

Some babies just love dancing, and as soon as they do, it’s the cutest thing ever. The toddler shown in this video undoubtedly is a part of that category. Her mom records a lot of videos of her shaking her little booty to all different kinds of genres of music and it will melt your heart.

These video clips of this little baby dancing are a must-watch!

A one year old named Sadie Raye, stole the hearts of internet users everywhere with her precious and funny dance moves

Her mom, Kaylan, uploaded videos of the cute toddler cutting a rug that recently went viral. Not only is it the most adorable thing ever, but the baby has incredible rhythm and isn’t shy to show it.

Source: YouTube

In the first part of the video, baby Sadie is shown dancing to ‘Two Legit To Quit’ by MC Hammer with her pacifier still dangling from her mouth. She shakes her mini hips to the classic song, before bouncing her small hand to go along with the music.

The video then switches up to Sadie standing at her highchair with her back to the camera, this time it’s ’80s music but that doesn’t annoy her the slightest

When the video changes, Sadie grooves out to a popular song from the ’80s. She held on to her high chair and proceeds to shake her little ‘bonbon’ perfectly on rhythm with the music. This had me laughing so hard, the 1-year-old is such a wonderful dancer for her age.

The next song she is shown dancing to, the young Shakira adds some shoulder moves to go along with the sassy hip-shake.

Source: YouTube

In the next video, Sadie is shown after evolving her dance moves in order to create some extra flare

Some new school rap begins to be played and a big smile instantly illuminates the young girl’s face. This time she adds some shoulder and arm movements, together with her signature hip-shaking.

Sadie even sticks her hand out like a true diva, her tongue also flops out as if it’s part of her routine. I am not able to handle this, it’s just too cute!

Next song is ‘Be My Lover’ by La Bouche, Sadie shakes her full body on beat with the song

Standing at her high chair again, her back is turned but this time she wiggles each and every single limb and muscle on her body. Even with her back being turned, she’s got such a big smile you can see her cheeks puffed up way from the behind camera angle.

Source: YouTube

After ‘Mr. Postman’ from the ’60s starts playing, Sadie gives us one grand finale dance

The last song she chooses to dance to is an older one, but the natural-born-dancer is able to dance to anything! This time around she’s giving us the whole show. The 1-year-old shakes her body while using her arms to express herself. Sadie even adds a spin move during the last little part of her stellar dancing.

It’s really not surprising that Sadie went viral, the jovial little baby has all the best moves

Almost 400k people have watched the video which was uploaded by Good Morning America in less than a week

I’m certain that she’ll reach millions of views in no time, undoubtedly, a thousand of them will be from us.

Source: YouTube

I’ll for sure be looking for Sadie in the future, she was born to be a star. If you want to see the lovable baby dancing for yourself, watch the video down below!