As New Mom Texted Her Active Serviceman Husband That Their Twins Came Early – She Had No Idea He Was Right Behind Her

Usually, most articles that appear around Halloween with titles that contain phrases like “he’s right behind her” are about scary events. But this story is actually heartwarming.

One of the main things that many people don’t consider about active servicemen and women is that they miss so many important life events.

Especially when service people have children back home. That means that they’ll miss some once in a lifetime occurrences, like first steps and first words. But this serviceman was determined to get home in time to see his twin daughters when they’d just been born.

Skyler Cooper and his wife Cydney have been able to cope with the strains that military service has on their relationship as a family.
Although Skyler spends many long months overseas, the couple has remained strong for many years.

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However, in the last year, Skyler and Cydney have had to deal with a whole new challenge to their relationship. Just after Skyler left for a new tour of duty in Kuwait, Cydney found out that she was pregnant.
When Cydney informed Skyler that he was going to be a dad again while he was overseas, he just couldn’t keep it together.

But a few months later, Cydney called him up again with an even bigger surprise. She was pregnant with twins. So they weren’t having one but two children.
Unfortunately, Cydney went through most of the pregnancy without Skyler there to help her. It was still a lot for her to deal with, even though it was no fault of his own.

The only thing that was getting Cydney through this process was knowing that Skyler would be there for the birth.
That’s because he had had the time off cleared well in advance. But then something unexpected happened.

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The soon to be mother of twins caught the flu. The doctors were worried about what this could do to the babies. So they decided to perform an emergency C-section, birthing the babies prematurely.

Cydney had enough time to tell Skyler what was happening, but she knew that he was so far away.

Cydney’s operation was very successful.

For a few days, the babies had to be kept apart from Cydney, until she overcame the flu. When she recovered, she was finally able to hold her new daughters, Emma and Kyla.

While she was holding one of her daughters for the first time, she took out her phone to tell Skyler what she was doing and send him a picture. But what she didn’t know is that she didn’t need to send a picture at all.

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As she was typing into her phone and looking at her baby, Skyler walked up to her. He had been able to get an emergency leave to see his wife and children. However, he decided to keep it a secret from Cydney.

Holding flowers and balloons, Skyler walked into Cyndey’s hospital room. He reached her, and she looked up, shocked.

Immediately, Cydney burst into tears. The couple hugged, so happy to be reunited. Such an amazing and emotional surprise for Cydney. Then Skyler was able to enjoy a long leave, where he could spend plenty of time with not just Skyler but his daughters too.

Source: Cydney Cooper/Facebook

Skyler is more than proud to have the twin girls as his daughters. His military service means that he’ll be overseas for much of their development, but he’ll relish every second that he spends with his daughters.

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Posted by Cydney Cooper on Thursday, February 7, 2019