Army Wife Loses 50lbs, Gets Big Transformation To Surprise Military Husband

Lisa Beal is a woman from Fort Bragg, North Carolina had a huge surprise for her husband when he came back home from a 6-month tour of duty with the Army in 2017. And while the couple was no doubt eager to see each other, Beal wanted to give her husband a welcome home for him to never forget, so she called up The Rachel Ray Show.

Beal had lost a significant amount of weight over the 6 months her husband hadn’t been home, but she still felt like she needed help with her new appearance.

Rachael Ray was joined by Miss USA Deshauna Barber who introduced the story (and just so happens to be a U.S. Army Reserves captain herself!).

“Army wife Lisa Beal from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, has lost a whopping 50 pounds in the past six months, and her hubby, Sergeant Terrance Beal, has been deployed overseas that whole time, so he has no idea!”

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Surely, being invited on a television studio for your reunion is the first clue that something is up.

It’s amazing to see Beal’s makeover, not only because it’s so glamorous but also because of her confidence level going up after.

It’s pretty obvious from the “before” photos that she was feeling shy and insecure about the entire thing.

And some of the shyness is still present there afterwards – after all, how many of us feel comfortable with a live studio audience and countless cameras pointing at us?!

Her hair makeover is the best. A great cut and some color and highlights have taken her from “boring” blonde to ravishing redhead. Despite the fact that her new auburn hair is worthy of a double-take, her makeup remained subtle except for a great berry-pink lip color that brings out her eyes.

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Berber continued:

“When you see her you’re just gonna fall in love. Her body looks amazing (in) this gorgeous royal blue dress… Her hair is cut, highlighted. Franco from the cutler did an amazing job contouring her face with her hair… She just looks stunning, she really does.”

And it’s true. The royal blue dress and leather jacket are a welcome change from the baggy pants and shirt she came in with.

But why does she look like she’s not quite sure how it all ended up looking?

“Are you comfortable? Because you look good!” Ray says.

Well, it turns out Ray forgot to tell the audience that the makeover team didn’t allow Beal to see herself before she got outside on the stage.

That’s mean 😂

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“I’m comfortable but I’m just anxious to see what I look like!” Beal replies.
It’s obviously time she gets to see what we’ve all been seeing.

While Beal is turning to the mirror after her 50-pound weight loss and new transformation, she can hardly believe what she’s seeing. So imagine what her husband is going to think.

The new appearance is so wonderful it’s pretty easy to forget why Beal is actually there – for a long waited reunion!

Actually, Seargent Beal strolls out while she’s falling in love with her makeover.

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Be sure to go down below if you want to see Beal’s new look, her husband’s reaction, and a heartwarming military family reunion.