Amazing Performance Of “The Prayer” By Talented Father And Daughter Gained Over 3M Views In Less Than A Month

Suddenly, a lot of parents have found themselves with unprecedented levels of free time with their kids. This father is using that time to help his daughter with her great talent.

Right now, things can seem pretty bleak. But it’s very important for us to focus on the positives. For a lot of us, that means enjoying the extra time that we get to spend with our children!

Obviously, spending time with kids is not always a breeze. Each and every parent knows that kids can sometimes be little hellions. But you have to appreciate them in any possible way you can.

Mat Shaw here is a father who is setting a great example to all parents right now.

Savannah, his daughter, has always loved to sing. And her father has always encouraged Savanna to let her talent shine. He even started to sing with her!

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Together, the father and daughter started practicing a few songs. And soon enough, they realized that they were getting good. That’s why they decided to start putting videos of their performances up on YouTube after a while.

The duo chose their first video to be The Prayer, first performed by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli but made more famous when Dion re-sang it with Josh Groban.

Both Mat and Savanna sat in their living room and hit play on the instrumental version of the song. A mic was sitting between the two.

Just before it was time for her to sing the opening lyrics, Mat smiled at his daughter.

Source: YouTube

Savanna the. began with, “Pray you’ll be our eyes, and watch us where we go.”

The girl’s voice sounded incredibly angelic. There’s no wonder Mat had been encouraging her to practice her talent!

Savanna was note-perfect for the entire first verse. Then time came for Mat to join in.

The wonderful dad really showed that Savanna’s talent was inherited. Both the father and daughter sang flawlessly together.

In a short time, the duo was harmonizing perfectly. They could actually tell that this was their best ever rendition of the song. They felt very lucky that this was the one that they were recording!

Source: YouTube

Both Mat and Savanna knew that they’d done a great job of the much-loved song. But even they were amazed when the whole thing viral.

The YouTube video of their performance has, in just under a month, gained over 3.1 million views. It also has 84,000 likes and 4,300 comments.

Of course that with a reception like that, Mat and Savanna were encouraged to upload more recordings.

That’s why two days later, they performed a cover of A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman. It also went viral.

The second video has managed to get over 1.3 million views so far.

Luckily, the father and daughter keep on uploading videos to acclaim. They’ve since added performances of I See The Light, Fall On Me, True Colors and Fly, Fly Away.

This awesome dad has shown all other parents how it’s done! Our kids need to be nurtured and encouraged right now. You or your kid might not have a passion for singing, but you can still take some time out to pursue something constructive and wonderful with them.