All Eyes Are On The Girls That Are Ready For Their Routine But When Music Starts The Tiniest Girl Steals The Show With Her Moves

One thing that’s always refreshing is when we hear stories about kids being comfortable showing off their talents in front of crowds. It can still be a heartwarming sight to see even if they’re shy. It can tug on anyone’s hearts strings to see a kid proudly showing off their moves or timidly walking on a stage for the first time. Case in point these adorable little girls who felt like stars when they took the stage to perform accompanied by cheerleaders older than they are!

However, there was this one particular little girl who stood out from the rest, and it just so happens to be that she was the tiniest member of her cheer squad.
When a group of schoolgirls were preparing for their cheerleading routine, a cute little girl went in front of them to join the performance next to an older cheerleader. It was obvious that the girl was younger than the rest of the group and yet, she was totally confident standing in front of everybody to dance her heart out.

This little cutie was undoubtedly excited before the song began and she could not wait to show off her best moves. Her twinkling eyes and wide smile showed everyone just how much she was loving the opportunity to groove in front of her fellow cheerleaders!

Source: YouTube

As soon as the opening bars of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling” played in the air, the little girl was quick to dance like she was the only dancer there. She was enjoying the spotlight and was definitely way comfortable with everything.

The little dancer was clutching the green and yellow pom poms in her tiny hands, having the time of her life and she was even making her own moves.
The cutie definitely has no fear of being in front of a crowd and being creative with her own set of moves. Her excitement and energy are contagious and she looked like she was not going to back down anytime soon.

But when the tiny cheerleader noticed something off with her pom poms, she stopped momentarily to fix it. After she made sure that all was good with her prop, she continued to dance like she was the only performer in the room! Her energy did not wind down a bit.

The cute performer made it a point to make sure her dance was an unforgettable performance for everyone that was watching.
Yes, she’s a young girl, but she is absolutely making her “routine” a joy to watch. Her moves were amazing!


The girl was moving her hips to the music and jumping vigorously but still in the beat. It was more than clear that she was enjoying every moment of it and even the older cheerleaders couldn’t resist but notice the little cutie. The older cheerleader also looked on she couldn’t help but feed off the tiny girls energy and smile. The little girl was certainly basking in all the attention and loving every single moment of it.

She even looked back at the other cheerleaders at one point, looking like she just noticed them! That’s because she must have been so focused on having the time of her life that she forgot just how she took the spotlight from her co-dancers. It was a hilarious moment.

Everyone jumped with glee including the tiny cheerleader in front as soon as the song ended. If anything, she looked a bit surprised that the song just ended! It’s true, time really does fly by when you are having a good time.

The smile on her face still showed how much fun she had, although her performance ended. Her confidence and energy were shining and who knows, we might be looking at a future professional performer.

Source: YouTube

Anyone’s day can get better when they see kids enjoying activities and doing things they love.

That’s is the reason why giving kids the chance to shine and find their passion is important in making them happy and fulfilled adults.
Every child in the world will know happiness and fun, and always find this world a great place to be in if we all work towards making this possible.