After Spotting Lost Dog, FedEx Driver Drops Everything In Order To Get It Home Safely

Delivery drivers are people who live busy lives, but that doesn’t stop them from sometimes dropping everything they can in order to do the right thing.

Lisa Menzies is a lady from Castle Pines, Colorado, who was recently reminded of this fact when her dog, a golden retriever called Catcher, slipped out of an open door during the time that the family was on vacation. All it took for that to happen was an unlatched door to encourage the 3-year-old dog to take herself on a walk.

“We were getting some repairs done on the house. Our contractor left to go to lunch and shut the front door — and the wind blew the door open while I was gone, and Catcher escaped,” Lisa said.

Source: YouTube

Fortunately, Catcher hadn’t gone far too far from home before their awesome neighborhood FedEx driver noticed her and pulled over so he could read the dog’s collar tag.

Lisa was surprised when she received a text message form a stranger number, but as soon as she read it she was flooded with gratitude. “He just said, ‘I found your dog, and the address on her tag is where I’m going to take her’ and then he put her in the house with such care,” Lisa said.

Surely though, the video footage from the family’s Ring camera displays the exact moment that the driver pulled up in front of their house and carefully sends the dog back into the house.

Source: YouTube

“Seeing him carry her into the house like that… In my head, I was thinking of the theme song from the Titanic,” Lisa said with a laugh. “He was taking such care and love with her that it was really amusing.”

Lisa said that she doesn’t like thinking what could have gone on to their dog if the driver had not noticed her. “She could have wandered out to a busy road and you hate to think what’s going to happen then,” she said. Now she’s trying to track down the driver’s name in order for her to thank him in person!

“He interrupted his day and his package delivery schedule to pick her up and hand carry her into our home and lock the door behind him. I don’t want to think about where else she could have ended up,” she said. “He is certainly our family’s hero.”

Source: YouTube

What a wonderful thing to do! Simply the fact that a stranger would stop his work to save a dog who was lost says so much about his personality. Let’s all try to be like this driver next time we spot something that doesn’t exactly look right!