Adorable Zookeper Melts All Of Us While Feeding Small Panda Bottle

Two pandas (male and female) were brought inside of the Toronto Zoo, Er Shun and Da Mao and they had two kids, “Canadian Hope” and “Canadian Joy”.

As anticipated, the baby pandas were able to draw the attention of a lot of zoo visitors, as well as the Canadian Prime Minister, who cuddled with them during the private party for these cuties’ first birthday.

And this specific video the adorable little panda gathered more than 3.9 million views and over 38k likes for being just so adorable.

In the video is shown the male cub, “Canadian Hope”, being bottle-fed by a caretaker, and it melted hearts as soon as it was posted online.

In the start, the man goes into the panda enclosure holding a bottle of mild. The panda instantly figures out that he’s there to feed him and he starts grabbing his legs, in a way he asks for milk.

Source: YouTube

The man finds it necessary to use both of his hands in order to handle the animal- let’s not forget that pandas might be as light as 100gr when they’re born, but they quickly get bigger. After all, they’re species of bear. So, the person who takes care of them has to put the bottle in his pocket and take the panda in his arms.

The man takes the panda to a rock close to there, he sits there, with the panda still in his arms as if it was a gigantic child, and he begins to feed it while using the bottle. The panda acts like a human baby that craves milk, and takes the bottle in his hands, ready to devour his meal!

During the time that the cub is eating, the man is taking a look at his toes and nails. All the while, he seems to be talking to the animal, and, despite the fact that we have no idea what he might be telling him, it feels like he’s talking to him as if it were his baby.

Not long after, the panda drinks up the milk and it’s time for the greatest part: the patting on the back until he burps. Yes, you read that correctly. The same as you would do with your human baby!

Source: YouTube

The caretaker is undoubtedly 100% devoted to his task. He pats the panda on the back for quite a while until he burps. Visitors, who have been taking a look at this whole time excitedly, are now loving this special moment between the duo.

Youtube users have left comments on how amazing the guy is at his job and that he’s prepared to become a dad of his own children.

“This young man is certainly ready for Fatherhood for his own children,” someone wrote, while another Youtube user commented: “Happiest job on the earth is being a panda nanny.. they are so adorable…”

And it is correct. Taking care of such adorable animals seems to us like a dream job- being around them, playing with them, feeding them and giving them showers – and yes, even burping them.

Source: YouTube

Make sure to watch the video down below and take a look for yourself how adorable the moment that the man and the cub shared was.