Adorable Dog Super Happy When His Owner Informs Him He’s Cancer Free

When our pets get sick, we pray the whole time for them to get healthy again. This family was hoping that their dog’s tumor was benign and anxiously waited for the test results.

As a puppy, Lily was one of the most joyful golden retrievers her family had ever come across.

At the shelter, the family was able to see that she was desperate for a home. And so they took her in and hoped to live many happy years with her.

In the beginning, everything was great. Lily grew up to be a loyal and loving animal.

But then something terrible happened.

Lily started acting more and more unwell. The family brushed it off and thought that Lily would get over the problem in a few weeks. But the problems kept going on.

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Some days later, they noticed that Lily could no longer stand up.

So they took Lily to the vet. The vet gave her an x-ray and unfortunately were able to locate a tumor on Lily’s spleen.

Lily, the happiest dog that the family had ever known, probably had an aggressive form of cancer. Her odds of survival were very slim.

But Lily was also suffering from internal bleeding and anemia. The vet gave Lily an emergency transfusion which balanded her condition. The cancer would still be present, however.

The vets then explained that the next thing would be to perform an emergency surgery to remove the tumor.

Even if this costly procedure was successful, the odds were that Lily would only have a few months left to live.

They actually said that Lily only had a one in 10 chance of living more than a few months. Their only wish was for Lily to have a benign tumor.

The vet also tole them that in 25 years, she had never once fome across an incident of the tumor being benign.

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The family was given the option of euthanizing Lily. But they figured out that no matter how slim the chances and how expensive the surgery, they had to give their beloved dog a chance to pull through.

So Lily went into the surgery theater. The vet managed to successfully remove the tumor, which turned out to weigh six pounds. Lily had a gigantic scar on her stomach.

The upcoming days, Lily’s condition seemed to be improving. The dog was gaining some of her old energy back.

But the vet had told the family to not get their hopes up. The odds were that all they had done was buy Lily a small amount of time.

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The vet was currently comprehending the tumor. The family was praying that Lily’s tumor was benign.

One week after the surgery, Lily’s test results came in. The vet called the family.

Daniela, the mom of the family, answered the phone, shaking. Daniela told the vet to give her a minute to sit down. She knew that there was a 90% chance that the vet would say that Lily would be dead in the next couple of months.

Holding her breath, Daniela heard the news. She started tearing up.

She decided to tell the family what the vet had said about the dog.

She told Lily, “I need you to sit down for this.”

Lily, super obedient, like always, sat at looked up hopefully at her mom.

“Lily, you don’t have cancer!” Daniela exclaimed.

Then the dog started jumping up excitedly. She may not have been able to fully understand what her mom said, but she could tell that everything was going to be all right judging by her mom’s happiness.

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Lily is stil living with her family, happy and healthy as ever.

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