A Family Moved Into Their Dream Home Only To Find A Cat There With A Note Explaining The Reason

These days, every home comes with a few surprises. These are usually leaks, squeaky floorboards or even faulty wiring. But this family were lucky enough to fins a cuter and fluffier surprise.

Miranda E and her family were excited to move into their dream home, like most people.

From they were currently living, it was a major improvement. Miranda and the rest of her family packed everything up and went to their destination.

But she found something unexpected when she went inside.

She found a note addressed to her family. It note had an important detail about the house, that the previous owners had neglected to mention until now.

The woman read the note and showed it her husband.

She explained that it talked about something important. The husband was at first worried about this. But his heart melted when he read the note.

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The previous occupants explained that they had an important request for the new owners. Sady, they had had to leave a family member behind.

It was a 12-year-old cat who resided in the home’s backyard.

It was a feral cat but he had been born in the yard and had been fed by the old occupants for his entire life.

Also, the old occupants said that they had hated leaving the cat, but there was nothing that they could do since he was feral.

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Her husband looked up from the note and saw that Miranda was distracted. Then he turned his head too. Then, he saw that the cat from the note was looking at them through a glass door.

At first, the cat must have been confused, wondering who these people were and what they had done with his previous family.

Fortunately, Miranda and her family were animals lovers, and they were glad to keep the cat fed and secure.

This would actually be no trouble at all. The family already had five rescue cats roaming about their home. A sixth one, that wouldn’t even come inside, would be easy to handle.

In a short time, Miranda decided to name the cat Raz. As the note had said, the cat kept his distance from everyone.

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Whenever someone tried to approach him, the cat would take food but dart away.

However, things started changing.

The cat, Raz, started communicating with the family. The would go up to the glass door and meow loudly when he wanted food.

During that spring, when Miranda and her family would sit outside, they noticed that day by day, Raz was relaxing and getting closer to them.

The woman was hopeful that Raz would have gained enough trust to be picked up. The cat suffered from an injured paw. Raz’s paw had been injured since birth, according to the previous owners. But Miranda still wanted to get that looked at by a vet.

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But unfortunately, this was never to be.

Miranda found Raz looking ill in the garden one day. Even though they tried to help him, he passed away.

The family all told Raz that they loved him in the cat’s last moments.

They think that someone had laid down rat poison nearby the house.

By the time he passed away, Miranda had been looking after Raz for one year.

The woman was pleased that Raz had been able to build up more of a bond with her and her family but also devastated that he had gone forever and spent only a short time with them.

Source: Wottrns/Instagram

Now, Raz is now buried in the backyard.

Miranda and her family will always remember the cat and the way that it warmed to them slowly but surely.