6 Year Old Can’t Stop Herself From Crying After Seeing Baby Sister For The First Time

When it comes to older siblings, meeting the new baby can go really well… or really badly. You can never really anticipate what you’ll get until it happens.

As Erin and Dale were getting reasy to welcome their second daughter, the Aiken, South Carolina parents had a pretty big worry that their 6-year-old daughter Adalynn would be happy to meet her new little sister Madison. What they didn’t quite expect was how moved the kid would be when she first set eyes on that little, gorgeous face.

In an adorable video that has gone viral gathering millions of views, we are able to see Addy being escorted into her mother’s hospital room just minutes after Madison was born. The child has a look on her face that reminds us of Christmas morning; she’s clearly waiting to see what’s inside of a wonderful gift that she’s been waiting 9 whole months to open!

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However, when she approaches Erin’s bedside and sees her sister’s face for the first time nothing could have prepared her for the wave of emotions she was about to be hit with. Actually, just looking at her reaction has us feeling some super strong emotions, too.

You are able to see that she wants to touch the baby so badly, but for the time being, she was satisfied with simply holding her sister’s tiny hand. But, after Erin commented on Facebook, she eventually caved to her daughter’s request to hold her new sister. She was just too cute for words… and who could pass up this precious photo opportunity?

What a sweet connection they already have!

Source: Facebook

You’ll undoubtedly be finding yourself in need of a tissue or two for this one, folks! Make sure to watch the video down below if you want to see the beginning of a beautiful sibling relationship, and don’t forget to share.

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Posted by Dale Benson on Wednesday, October 16, 2019