5th Grade Student Laughed At For Her Afro Uploads Video Which Goes Viral

If you’re not a black person, it’s very hard to appreciate what “natural hair” means. But those people who seem to be confused don’t need to worry – it’s none of their business anyway.

Surely, when you add kids to the mix, things get complicated. They’re curious. They ask questions (which can be ok, but can often turn out to be a bit intrusive and inappropriate too). But a parent or guardian only needs to point out that it would make anyone uncomfortable to have their hair get commented on every day to drive home the point that other people’s physical looks are not their problem.

But for one particular 10-year-old, it became a much bigger issue after she was mocked over her hair. Now, her reply is going viral.

Promise Sawyers is a 5th-grade student in Nashville. When she arrived at her new school – Head Middle Magnet School – this year, the first few days went fine. Her hair was braided and, as far as we are concerned, no one made any comments about it.

Source: Facebook

It wasn’t until a few days later when she decided to wear her hair without heavy styling – simply in its natural state – that children began making fun of her Afro.

When Sawyers spoke to her local Fox news station, she said:

“I felt confident and pretty. At my old school, people thought my hair was cool.”

And her hair actually is cool. In fact, Sawyers appears to be a pretty cool girl both inside and out.

She took her anger on YouTube and posted a video expressing her feelings on the situation and to pump herself up before school that day.

“Don’t allow anyone to steal your joy,” she says. “Don’t give them that much power.”

It’s great advice for anyone and it’s something most adults haven’t even been able to figure out for themselves yet.

Source: Facebook

When the video was discovered later by her mother, Qui Daugherty, she uploaded it on Facebook to support her daughter and bring this specific type of bullying to the attention of more parents.

It’s now been watched more than 1.8 million times!

Daugherty said for the Yahoo Lifestyle:

“The immediate family was more proud of that moment, but we had no idea the impact that it was gonna make and the amount of messages.”

And in that specific day, Sawyer went to school with her hair fluffed out more than ever. She finishes off her video by saying confidently:

“I’m going back to school, and I’m coming back bigger and better.”

Source: YouTube

After the video gathered so much attention – the majority of it positive – Sawyer and her mom were invited to be on The Kelly Clarkson Show a week later.

That’s when the young girl got a sentimental surprise – her own pep talk from actress Tracee Ellis Ross, who currently stars on the show Black-ish.

Neither the mom or daughter could believe the great surprise.

Ross told Sawyer she was “so moved because your hair is an extension of your legacy, what you come from, your story, and everything that you are and your beauty.”

Source: YouTube

It was an amazing ending to an empowering story.

The bullies lost big time on this particular case.