52 Year Old Widow Gets Awesome Blonde Transformation And New Outlook On Life

We often see people who tear up during makeovers – whether they’re from shock or joy – but the majority of them are reserved for after the reveal.

But when Maggie flew all the way so she could see the popular Makeover Guy, also known as Christopher Hopkins, at his Minneapolis, Minnesota “appearance studio” this year, from her home in Vero Beach, Florida, she came with a devastating story.

At the age of only 52 years old (but feeling “30-ish”), Maggie had been widowed. Her police officer husband died only one day after retiring. She was undoubtedly devastated and still trying to piece her life back together.

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It’s pretty common for people going through a tough time to want to “flip a switch” and do something big in order to get out of the cycle of sadness. And while a makeover might seem like such a small and unimportant thing, it worked wonders for Maggie, who looked like a totally different person when all was said and done.

Surely, Maggie was looking great to start with. But despite this, she told Hopkins that her husband had been critical of the way she didn’t take care of herself.

Now, being on her own, she not only wanted a new look and a new beginning, but a way to feel like she was doing something he would have appreciated even though he’s far, far gone.

Maggie got very sentimental while talking about her husband, but there was a silver lining keeping her going.

“The bad is I lost my husband – and the good is I have grandbabies.”

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It’s time to lift up Maggie‘s mood in the best way a style team knows how.

Beginning with dirty blonde hair and white roots, it was pretty obvious that she was going to be getting a new hair color.

But despite the fact that she was already blonde, Maggie could hardly believe her eyes when she saw her new golden tresses for the first time.

“Oh my God, I’d never of thought I’d look like this. That does not look like me at all,” she exclaimed.

And we’re blown away from the results aswell. They‘re just wonderful.

Maggie has amazing skin, but the haircut and color take decades off her look. While the goal isn’t always to look younger, she now looks a lot closer to the age she feels.

The makeup team also does a pretty nice job when it comes to evening out her skin tone and contouring her face so that her eyes pop. And her before and after pictures are just proof as to how much a good eyebrow fill can change a person’s face. Maggie’s eyebrows had been overplucked before, but now frame her face perfectly.

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Her makeup is pretty subtle, focusing more on the brows and eyes, with only a bit of color on her lips – but it makes a huge difference.

And you’ll also be able to see that her posture and confidence fully change after the transformation as well – Maggie has found her spark again.

She simply can’t believe how great she looks. Actually, she is hardly even able to recognize herself and feels like she’s looking at her daughter in the mirror instead.

Commenters felt the same way:

“I am literally standing up, applauding. This is his best makeover!” said one.

And a lot of peoole called it their favorite transformation of all time:

“This is by far my favorite makeover! Omgosh, she looks at least twenty years younger! Love her heart! Another Great Job Christopher, you knocked it out of the park!”

Source: YouTube

Make sure to go down below if you want to see the before and after for yourself.

The video has only been uploaded for about a week but it already has reached more than 90,000 views – it’s a must-watch!