12 year-old girl from galway stands at mic – then pours amazing vocals throughout the streets with “you are the reason”

A 12 year-old girl from Galway, Ireland named Mia Black has a passion for singing and is standing along the streets of Dublin. She is standing there alone in front of nothing but a mic and a music stand, she begins to sing a cover of ‘You Are the Reason’ by Calum Scott. So she’s not alone, technically, if you count the crowd that’s starting to form around her.

Despite the fact that the song isn’t well known, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t deep and beautiful, and Mia’s voice only brings that out in it. The softness and lightness of her voice doesn’t seem like it is coming from a 12 year-old, but here she is. The girl has the kind of voice that should be showcased on stage, in front of crowds of people, but the streets of Dublin will have to do for just now.

Source: YouTube

But she’s getting a lot of attention though. The busy sidewalk is filled with people walking by and stopping to have a listen, or throw some change in the case at her feet. Beyond that, the video of ‘You Are the Reason’ has been viewed more than a million times and counting, and her other videos of covers are just as popular. Mia’s beautiful voice has gained her YouTube channel an overall following of almost 35,000 followers.

When you scroll through nearly every comment on the video and no one has a mean word to say about the performance, you can be sure that the girl is good.

The girl also has more songs posted to her Youtube Channel ranging from John Legend covers to Billie Eilish, each one better than the next. She has a way of making singing look so effortless and beautiful at the same time.

Source: YouTube

However, the channel that posted the video, is the same one that found and filmed her singing voice in the first place, Dublin City Today, and they have a pretty great back story too.

There is a Youtube Channel that was created specifically for the city of Dublin’s buskers, and it’s called Dublin City Today. What’s a busker, you may ask? A busker is one of the talented people that play for donations on sidewalks and street corners. The owner of the channel films performances by locals and posts them to YouTube for fans they may have accrued throughout the day, or however long they have been performing. That is a wonderful opportunity for these struggling artists to gather a fan base and let people know how to find them if they ever want to see a performance again.

Source: YouTube

We’re lucky that Mia Black is a regular on the Dublin City Today and has had a couple popular videos posted to the channel, which hopefully means that there’s more to come for all her fans watching from their homes all over the world.