10 Unexpected Ways To Use Pickle Juice

The only thing that we usually do with pickle juice is pouring it down the drain, but only a few people actually know the benefits of pickle juice. After learning about these ‘secret’ ways you can use it, you will start wondering how you ever lived without it.

 “Roughly one-third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tons — gets lost or wasted.”

Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN

Why not try these ideas instead of just throwing it to the waste?

Source: Faros Group
  1. Replace electrolytes

Pickle juice may be considered the new Gatorade. That’s because it  is a fast way to replenish potassium and sodium levels and contains a lot of electrolytes. Pickle juice is a good post-workout drink!

  1. Make a hangover cure

Hangover is a big problem after a night of drinking, since your body is dehydrated. Pickle juice helps balance electrolytes, replenish reduced sodium levels, and even cover up the smell of alcohol on your breath. You should drink a lot of water too!

  1. Helps with stomach ache

Pickle juice contains vinegar, which is a famous home remedy for stomach ache. The Washington Postsays that probiotics produced in fermented foods may improve digestion. So, pickle juice can be a real help.

  1. Helps with a sore throat

You will notice improvements in your sore throat if you gargle or drink 1 or 2 spoonfuls or pickle juice a couple of times a day. This happens because of the potent salt and vinegar combination.

  1. Helps reduce muscle cramps

Pickle juice’s salt is absorbed faster than water by our bodies. So it results with a faster reduction of cramps.

  1. Reduces bad breath

Pickle juice is known to contain healthy bacteria, which eliminates bacteria that causes bad odor in your mouth.

  1. Treats sunburns

According to a writer of The Kitchn, pickle juice cools the sun burned area and instantly relieves the pain.

  1. Sparkles up copper pipes and pans

Doesn’t everyone want to have shiny pots and pans? This can happen if you use pickle juice as a cleansing agent. Chip and Joanna Gained from the HGTV show Fixer up even used it to clean up the copper around a house that they were renovating.

  1. Use it in the garden

Ditch the chemicals and pour pickle juice over problematic areas in the garden. The acidity will help keep unwanted weeds away. It helps with certain flowers that require highly acidic soil, such as azaleas and rhododendrons. Most importantly: IT’S PET FRIENDLY.

  1. Make pickles again!

Last, but certainly not least: Why not just re-pickle it? You only need to slice up some cucumbers or other vegetables, throw them in the jar and refrigerate it for a few days.